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Date: 3/11/00 1:03:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

Mysterious Crash in Arkansas

Posted by terry in san bruno
I saw a story on the news tonight about an unknown something that crashed in Arkansas near Little Rock. It was seen traveling through the sky and then it crashed in a woodsy area and started a fire. They showed film of the fire. It was reported as not being a plane or a meteor, and that no evidence of anything was found at the crash site (unless they're not telling everything). I looked for the story online but couldn't find anything. Did anybody else see this on the news? thanks, terry

Re: Mysterious Crash in Arkansas

Posted by terry in san bruno
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Hi Dore, It was either ABC channel 7 at 5:30 or CBS ch.5 at 6 pm. I also heard a caller on last night's Art Bell show mention it. I will keep looking for the story. terry


Subj: The Arkansas Mystery !?!
Date: 3/11/00 5:39:06 PM Pacific Standard Time

I saw the report on your page so I decided to call
some Tv stations in Little Rock and did speak to a
reporter at Ch 11 501-244-4564 and he told me they
went out today and saw a Jefferson Co. sheriff by the
name of Lt.Eugene Butler 501 541-5351(Co. Dispatch#)
and the news reporter said they couldn't get to fire
area as the road was muddy and ruts soooooooooo I
callled the dispatch # the lady who answered the phone
said that she hadn't heard of anything??? but to try
back when the gravyard shift comes in cause they would
have handled (Per the reporter it happened in the
middle of the night on Thur 3.10.99) soooooono luck
other than they are all playing it off as a brush fire
and Yes..they verified that emergency managment dept
was there to see if it was a plane wreck but they said
NO Military??? anyway about all I could dig up


Date: 3/11/00 9:13:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

We live in Northwest Arkansas and get channel 7 KOAM in Joplin, Mo. on our cable. Friday night on their 10pm news cast they had a short segment about the crash. I didn't get in on it from the beginning, but there was video of the night with fires burning in the background. A person was being interviewed and said they saw something bright and firey streak across the sky and crash in the woods...they thought it might be a meteorite or plane. The newscaster said that the area was being searched, but at present it was considered to be a "UFO" that they were looking for.


Subj: Arkansas Fire

Date: 3/11/00 10:01:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

The Okla City news cover it last night as well. What they said was that there was some type of object seen in the sky around the time the fire broke out. Nothing on it today though.