Subj: Highly altered LASCO C2 imagery
Date: 3/4/00 8:52:29 AM Pacific Standard Time

Upon reviewing the LASCO C2 imagery from yesterday - 3.03.00 @ 1842 UTC
through 3.04.00 @ 1542 UTC ... It is readily apparent that the images
have been altered.

As the digital "filmstrip" is running, the imagery jumps backwards at
one point then resumes its smooth forward movement without jumping back
forward ... followed by what the time stamp claims is a one hour gap
between image frames ... when in actuality the star field in the
background moves at least five times further than it should during just
a one hour gap between images.

Between 2042 UTC and 2118 UTC, a period of just 36 minutes ... the C2
image jumps backwards by the equivalent of 5-6 hours of star field
movement motion. All of this would indicate that numerous frames are
being omitted intentionally and "fake" frames added to try [in vain] to
smooth out the massive editing and make it less noticeable.

Another good indication of this practice is when the film strip files
are suddenly only 25 frames long total when they are normally 33-34
frames long - because they are missing around 8-9 frames [4-6 hours] of
data from the overall movie.

As with so many of these enigmatic occurrences with SOHO imagery,
satellite imagery, energetic particle readings from GOES and ACE, and
the Clementine images from the Moon ... not only is the altering of the
images detectable, but the "magic work" [what we in the electronic image
trade call high end digital editing] is very sloppy.

How they [whomever they are] expect that people who have digital image
experience or are relatively observant when viewing the images, could
possibly be fooled by this kind of "Data piracy" is beyond me. Sometimes
it makes one wonder if they want to get caught?