Subj: Pages 60 to 63 from Left at East Gate from Andy Kelley
Date: 3/2/00 1:11:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

P 60/61
I had a definite sensation of descent, as if I were in an elevator, causing pressure changes in my ears. Next I was walking along a hallway. This image is very clear: rooms containing high-tech machines and computers of some sort and male and female technicians dressed orange and blue uniforms. They said little if anything to us as we stopped in front of a large, pressurised door. A small alarm sounded as the seal was electronically broken. The massive door quietly moved to the right, disappearing into the tiled wall. I remember being motioned forward into a large, semi dark, rectangular shaped room. The lighting was again, strange, with a dull, silvery tone to it. To my left was an opening in the wall. The floor continued about five feet into it and ended at an angle glass, full length window with glass sides for peripheral vision. The opening was perhaps six feet tall by four feet wide. I stepped into the confined area and felt as if I was no longer on earth. I found myself looking into a gigantic, dark cavernous space. it reminded me of the interior of the Houston Astrodome in a strange way. The curving tiled walls looked wet, and three large bands of light were visible from my vantage point. one of our escort said that it was a tunnel that led to the North Sea.
P 62
It went on to say that I was in a facility far below the air bases. The installations contained many of its kind, along with human support personnel. The facility had been there since the 1940s and expanded in the late 1960s. The crafts they travelled in entered and existed via an extensive tunnel system. One Exit was a mile off Lowestoft, Suffolk, another, near the Orford Key.
The silhouette went on to say there are many civilisation from off this earth existing here; they are intimate is with the U.S., U. S. S. R., U.K. and Japanese governments at their highest levels and have been here since World War II.
It's race has blended into our society at all levels. This facility is one of many processing zones throughout the world. This facility and others like it are vital; Contamination safeguards power in place to ensure this, one being the technical ability to make Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases varnish.

Subj: Pages 226 & 227 form Andy Kelley
Date: 3/2/00 1:29:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

I found a picture of a Reich Cloudbuster, an unusual looking device that could alter the weather. It was also said that the device could attract UFO's. Peter knew several cloudbuster operators and had seen one demonstrated; he said they really worked.
I carefully studied the picture. I tried to figure out why it looked so familiar. We had those things at Bentwaters. I had seen the same kind of device on the base back in 1980, but had thought it some kind of communication device. Peter seemed shocked when I told him and started bombarding me with questions. All I could tell him was that the things I had seen were made up of long pipes, painted black, and mounted on concrete bases. They had a multitude of large cables running from them into concrete framed wells dispersed around the base. There was no question in my mind that they looked like the one in the picture.

Dr Richard Blasband, who had worked with the devices for years, said it didn't surprise him at all: even a large cloudbuster was easy enough to build, and Reich had kept the air force apprised of his weather modification work. Their application at Bentwater's may have been to keep a window clear in adverse weather conditions, thus allowing aircraft to complete their missions unhindered.

Subj: Pages 270 & 271- Andy Kelley
Date: 3/2/00 1:29:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

P 270
On 16 October 1987, a "freak storm" - the once in a hundred years kind - swept in from the southeast and cut a diagonal swath from Suffolk up through Wales. It arrived without any forecast of prediction and whipped the Bentwaters area for about three hours. No rain accompanied the winds, which were alleged to have peaked at 95 to 105 miles an hour. But hundred mile an hour winds don't flatten forests. I grew up next to a state Park and had seeing what hurricanes could do to a forest. Often clocked at 90 or 95 miles an hour, they always downed some trees, but never flattened our trees to the horizon -- not even remotely.
Ever since Larry had seen the photograph of a cloudbuster at my apartment, he insisted the air force had scaled up versions of them on Bentwaters. It was a matter of record that Reich had kept the air force of apprised off his weather modification work in the Fifties. If that information had been directed towards a project to develop the cloudbusters potential by increasing their size, it had succeeded. I had seen one of these remarkable machines demonstrated several years earlier and knew from my own experience how genuine their impact could be. A cloudbuster created atmosphere movement by literally drawing energy down from the atmosphere, then grounding it harmlessly in moving or deep water.
the apparatus appearance is simple and distinct is. A series of fixed, long pipes is connected to hollow lengths of industrial BX cable. When the ends of the cables are placed into deep of running water, they act as conductors for the energy being grounded in the water. The one I'd seen demonstrated was trailer mounted and controlled remotely, but its operating principles were just as basic. From what I had seen and studied, the atmospheric chaos a truly large cloudbuster had the potential to create could easily drive an approaching weather front into a frenzy, and perhaps had.

Most of the individuals that Larry approached would not say much to him, but of those who were willing to talk, several cops and an air field mechanic said they had also heard there was an underground facility at Bentwaters. The mechanic had been told by a pilot that well below the flight line, Bentwaters connected up with Woodbridge, Martlesham, and the North Sea. "Tunnels and trams, everything -- just like Bustinza told me.

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Subj: Sleuthing!
Date: 3/2/00 9:11:38 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent.....Just doing some sleuthing here and came across a couple pages in Jon King's "Cosmic Top Secret". On page 163 he talks about the ufo sightings at Rendlesham Forest/Woodbridge/Bentwaters in 1980, seen by military personnel and subsequently covered up.

On page 164 of the same book, Jon King writes: "In his excellent book Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception , longstanding UFO researcher Jacques Vallee puts forward the theory that the Woodbridge/Bentwaters case was probably no more than a psychological operations exercise perpetrated by the US military. The reason? To monitor the response of the military personnel involved in anticipation of a similar incident occurring for real. Though I beg to differ with one or two conclusions reached by Vallee, nevertheless this hypothesis, I believe, should not be dismissed out of hand. Indeed, if this turns out to be the case then the question must surely be asked: Just what exactly is going on behind those barbed-wire perimeter fences? And moreover, if the answer to this question is 'covert operations perpetrated on unwitting subjects' (military or otherwise) then I argue that this activity is illegal and the regular national security laws should not therefore apply. On the other hand, should the answer be 'the test-flying of advance-technology experimental aircraft, such as Aurora, Halo, etc', then why are these aircraft being test-flown over residential areas? Either way, the activities of the military in this respect are highly illegal and should therefore be brought to account." (Cosmic Top Secret, Jon King, pg 164, Hodder & Stoughton, London UK, 1998.)

Might be worth checking Vallee's book. I don't have it.