Subj: URGENT/Alaska Air Pilots, Crew Say NTSB 'Spin Story' is 'BS'
Date: 2/27/00 11:18:09 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Alaska Air Pilots and Crew Say
NTSB "Spin Story" is 'BS'

Notes from John Quinn & Anthony J. Hilder's Newspad

Alaska Airlines pilots and crews aren't buying into the National
Transport Safety Board bureaucrats' "cover-up story" on how AK Air's
Flight 261 went down for the final count killing all 88 aboard.

Scuttlebutt has it that employees are deeply disturbed by the fact
that the airline isn't furnishing any information to their staff
people. An inordinate amount of personnel have been absent the
first three weeks after the crash due to "emotional trauma."

"We're not buying the NTSB's Bull S..T" says one source. "The Feds
have "tossed a foul ball & we are not hitting it."

The airline's mechanics are near-unanimous in the belief that the
"air holocaust" wasn't because of any "faulty" stabilizer screw.
In the words of one mechanic with Alaska Air: "that's so much hokum."

Moreover, in talking to one employee who knew Fl. 261's pilots Bill
Tansky and Ted Thompson, they said: "They were two of our most
experienced pilots." But when asked why they headed out to sea;
turning away from the airfield at Point Mugu with its open and
immediately accessible runway, they didn't have an answer. "I just
don't know why they bypassed the runway, no one here can explain
it," our source divulged with tears in their eyes. "I was
crying for a week and I haven't been able to sleep ever since. I
knew eight of the people on board personally. They were my friends."

We know for certain that a number of the Hilder/Quinn articles were
circulating in various Alaska Airline offices around the country.
Apparently some of Alaska Air's flight attendants made copies. They
have been seen from Puerto Vallarta to Anchorage and all spots

The articles, including, "It Defies All Logic," have been picked up
by other major websites; including Robert Sterling's, Jeff Rense's Sightings , Kent Steadman's and Doug Pooley's FlashRadar. The articles
have been seen by millions at this point.

Attorneys across the country representing those who died needlessly
in the crash have also been availed of the information and are
taking a CLOSE LOOK at what was going on at the U.S. Navy's Pt.
Mugu Weapons Testing Center on February 1st.

One of our sources at Alaska Air says: "When I came into the
employee room their were five people reading it at the same time. I
was busy and didn't have time to read it until the next day." The
source said: " One girl (a flight attendant) was concerned that we
are not being given the truth."

Our contact went on to say: "Everybody is asking why we (the
flight) didn't land at Point Mugu. They had plenty of opportunity.
But who knows what happened? They're not telling us anything."

Three weeks later, it's still "mum's the word." As to the
NTSB's "SPIN STORY," the widely-prevailing view within Alaska Air is--

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