Subj: RE: [EWAR] ECTV:M-Class Flares Con't For Sixth Day In A Row...02/23/00
Date: 2/23/00 6:45:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

I found this a very creative, if borderland, speculation on the issue
of the solar maximum we are beginning to experience. Some may find it
too borderland; others may enjoy it. Thanks, Alfred

From IUFO:
>>Reading this makes me wonder about Paul LaViolette theory of
Galactic Core Pulse (in the book "Earth Under Fire"). He said he has
found all sorts of evidence that suggest the galactic core periodically
"pulse" which sends a highly concentrated cosmic pulse all throughout
the galaxy changing the suns output such that slowly over time it
the climate and seasonings of the planet. I wonder if Paul LaViolette
a mailing list about this. The book is just so complicated. Anyway.
A galactic superpulse is due to arrive in 2264 A.D. So now it may be
on the starting point as it takes hundreds or thousands of years for
the superwave passing. According to Paul, the superwave starting point
is a "Blue Star" in the sky which is the visible manifestation of the
galactic core explosion or "pulse present near the vicinity of
Sagitarrius A... something the ancient has plotted before in many
cycles and which the Hopi said will come to us when we build a
city in space. Isn't it there's a plan to build a space tourist city
starting from MIR from a private contractor? This means that the

2264 A.D. timing isn't bad. Perhaps we can see the blue star
in 2100 A.D. if Paul LaViolette is right (of course he can be wrong
and the current continuous M-class flares are just part of the normal
11 peak cycle). For those familiar with LaViolette work, comments?

I think the above is important. If it has basis in fact. It can change
our attitude of the aliens. Instead of thinking of fighting strategy
them for the next 100 years to drive them from earth. We
can instead join their midst.. and if it is necessary, once we were able
to get hold of their ships and have accessed to their space city (some
aliens are said to have lost their suns and are now travelling mainly
in space city or flatform). We can continue the fight there in space
(since earth may no longer be habitable 100 or 200 years from now
if Paul Laviolette is correct and what's the point of driving the greys
away when our planet may be dying and we need all the technological
support we can get for the next 100 years to become space faring races
or star jump capable come 2264 A.D.).