Subj: .033 Hz ELF signal
Date: 2/23/00 6:24:02 PM Pacific Standard Time


Your hypothesis about the .033 Hz signal sounds reasonable.

Here's another possibility: (modulated) gravity waves. The scientific community has been looking for evidence of gravity waves some time now. So far, nobody has done the crucial experiment that would unequivocally answer whether gravity waves exist or not. If the gravity force were somehow being modulated, wouldn't it show up as periodic compression/decompression of physical bodies like planets? and wouldn't those phenomena generate periodic signals - via piezoelectricity - such as those you have recorded? I'm not suggesting that the modulation is necessarily being done by an intelligent entity. Perhaps some physical phenomenon somewhere in the universe - even as near as the sun - could produce it.

Just a thought or hypothesis. I'm not enough of a scientist to test the hypothesis, just to pose it.

Was anybody recording ELF waves during the previous solar maximum? If not, this may be a "normal" solar phenomenon that simply nobody ever observed before. If so....well...maybe it's something new.

I appreciate your interesting web site.