Subj: This weekend's CME impact
Date: 2/18/00 12:01:45 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (New Millennium)
To: (Newmill)

Based on the data available and NASA's recent press release, it seems
very likely that a major CME impact is going to occur this weekend, in
fact it may be nearly imminent. When NASA (and other scientists) starts
mentioning the possibilities of enhanced auroras, power grid failures,
and satellite damage ... It's time to start realling paying attention to
the possible level of this approaching event.

The CME impacts I have been reporting on for the past several years,
have generally been much less geoeffective than this one appears. The
only similar event (in all respects collectively) was back in 1998 when
NASA announced that a large CME was Earthbound and it could have major
effects. In that instance, CNN and other major news media gave the
"prediction" a lot of attention; In most terms the level of activity
predicted by NASA and the SEC never fully materialized... at least not
in the manner that the overly dramatized media had portrayed to the

Since that time, NASA has become very quiet (press release-wise)
regarding specific events (flares, CMEs) while still commenting
occassionally about the approaching solar maximum in general terms, and
SOHO's discovery of numerous comets. For them to mention the same
higher-end effects as in the previous release in 1998 indicates that all
data is highly supportive of an impending major to severe geomagnetic

Just a reminder of the basic list of NASA and the SEC's list of possible
effects during a major magnetic storm event, and of my list of
theoretical effects, based on the monitoring, observation, and research
that I've done in the past few years.


NASA and the SEC's published potential effects...

Electrical malfunctions in satellites

Increased atmospheric drag on satellites

Power grid anomalies and failures

Metal pipeline arcing

Global-Positioning-Satellite (GPS) "ghosting"

Wireless phone and radio transmission problems

Widespread displays of Aurorae

Effects on biological life are under research

Theoretical potential effects IMO ...

Enhanced seismic activity [esp. on more active fault zones]

Enhanced volcanic activity [esp. in more active cones]

Intensification of existing/developing storm systems

Reduction in overall safety level of mechanized travel

Intensification/onset of migraine episodes

Intensification of symptoms of BPD (bipolar disorder)

Increased potential for minor arcing (can cause explosions)

Anomalous or intensified behavior in animals/mankind

This is nothing that I haven't already said several times over the
years... Everyone should always have some sort of plans regarding the
most likely of any of those potential effects listed by NASA to directly
effect you, your work, home, etc.

If you live in the colder climates, think about what you would do if you
were without power for awhile in the next few days. Just like being
prepared for a winter storm.

If you're under a tornado watch during the magnetic storm this weekend,
pay particular attention to the possibility of issued warnings and
threatening conditions.

Back up your computer files that are really important.

This magnetic storm may be no more severe, nor it's effects any more
profound, than many of the other ones that we've seen come and go. Let's
hope that's the case - except for the widespread display of the Northern
Lights - that would be kinda cool ;)