Well . . . I talked to Jesus Mendoza in South Texas tonight on the phone. He is a directed energy victim who was showcased by Dave & Joyce on http://www.gulfwarvets.com (the radio show called "The Power Hour."  He is a very sweet man.   I am sending all of you this e-mail to keep you posted about developments on the chemtrail/directed energy attack front, and he is getting hit with x-rays and microwaves.  He has high-tech equipment to measure this stuff and to find the direction the directed energy is coming from.  He has three lawsuits.  One of them is against CIA officials in office at the time of the attacks on him and his kids.
And, the interesting thing about it (if this is interesting because frankly I am bored with my attacks, and believe me - "It ain't interesting - it's horrible") is the place that the attacks come from.
Some of his attacks are coming from the direction of the houses of the defendants that he has named in a law suit against these kinds of attacks.  But . . . mostly . . . the attacks come from . . . "straight up."
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the attacks come from "straight up!"  Let me put the exclamation point on that sentence.  "Straight up!"  How on earth is any human supposed to stop attacks by x-rays and microwaves from invisible men with invisible weapons when the invisible weapons come from the sky?  And, attacks on kids?  Well . . . we have overt wars and covert wars don't we?
He agrees they like to target the genitals.  Yep, everyone I have talked that has this kind of harassment has said (sorry Jesus) that one of the favorite places to "hit" a person is not only the head, but the genitals.  The victims in New York and in Austin say the same thing.  Head and genitals are favorites.
Well . . . I guess they think that is just peachy-keen . . . hey, even the president (I just can't seem to capitalize that word these days) believes in torture.  So, hey everything is just copacetic in the good ole U.S. of A. 
Apparently, some of the people who were involved in The Committee in Solidarity with El Salvador are long time victims.  We are talking 20 year victims.  This needs to stop and stop now.  Those people are dying.  Some tried to get political sanctuary and were turned away.  Turned away by countries that have programs for political sanctuary. Ignored by the U.N. 
There have been many, many others. 
Can you imagine trying to tell someone about an attack like this on you if it was the 1950s, 1960s, or the 1970s?  You would be a laughing-stock and thrown in an institution for the mentally disturbed.  I wonder how many Americans tried to stop some of our foreign policies and were attacked by directed energy weapons?  They had one hearing against CIA mind control attacks and mind control programs back in the 1970s. 
Some of the victims were people who worked on the Pantex plant in Amarillo (final assembly point for all nukes in the U.S. - plant closed now) disclosure about the accident in the 1980s.  And, some remember that they used on the The Greenham Common women protestors in Britain.  It appears that activists, the homeless, the mentally retarded, the mentally disturbed, and other victims have been being attacked by these weapons for a long time in the U.S.  And, no one listens.  Politically savvy people who know about the 70 year development of this technology by our intelligence and military services are in denial and do not listen nor do they help.  Sure there are some.  The people getting this e-mail are some.  And, you are very brave and patriotic Americans.  Very.
More later.
If you want to send a donation to support me fighting this, I would really welcome it.  I have not worked for over a year.  The year before that I maybe worked a couple of months.  Very debilitating these DE attacks.  I have figured out that this has been happening to me off and on since 1980 approximately (no wonder I just can't get parts of my life straightened out, gee). 
From 1980, it was very sporadic.  Kind of like they were "pinging" me to see if I would be a good candidate for these kinds of programs.  Guess I wasn't.  In 1989, it became every night.  Every single night.  Bangs in the head (retired military has told me that is some kind of energy bullet), supposedly hypnotic scripts running all night long in my sleep, and pops and clicks and other weird stuff. 
In 2000 once I began researching the chemtrails, ELF sweeps became the daily thing along with the usual nightly stuff.   In 2002, it was "fry baby fry."  It took me awhile to put it together what was and had been happening to me.  But, let me tell you . . . when they decide you are just not a very good candidate for mind control, but for some reason they don't like you (political idealogy maybe?), and they want to stop you from exercising you constitutional rights by talking to your representative well . . . it is hard to convince yourself that x-rays and microwaves are anything but just x-rays and microwaves.
I would like to get my own handy-dandy meter and measure and document this stuff also.  I would like a video camera to tape the readings with.  Any monies sent to me will be used for shielding, documentation (equipment - it just takes equipment and knowing the right kind - more on that soon), paper, ink, copies, any phone bills related to this, and my website . . . and of course any goss darn thing I can do right now to stop the x-raying of my brains and genitals.
Gee . . . I am a bit angry.  Anyway.  If you don't want to receive these emails . .  just hit reply and type "No" in the subject line, and I will understand.
Thank you for all of the support that you have given me . . . emotionally and otherwise.  I am not able to work right now (maybe it is because of the x-rays and microwaves - do ya think?), but I sure can do this for as long as it takes.  Please go to my site and sign the petitions and if you are a victim, consider filling out complaint forms.  There are petitions on mind control, "pulse radar," forced implants, and chemtrails there.
Please forward this to anyone you want to.  I think churches and other countries would really be interested it this.  Especially ones that have a non-proliferation department that is concerned about the proliferation of directed energy weapons and countries that have arrest warrants pending for our present administration and countries that have dropped out of the "Coalition of the Willing's" search for invisible WMD in countries that were oppressed by dictators who had bought WMD from us where we can't find the stuff anymore anyway. 
There sure are a lot of invisible weapons and invisible WMD somewhere these days.  If I have not stated this to you before . . . I love my country . . . I just hate corruption in my government.  You could also write to the state of Texas asking that the state protect her citizens by measuring this stuff, tracking it down, and giving us shielding until it is found.  But, it is dangerous.  I went to complain about the air-quality in 2002 . . . and well . . ."the zap" entered by life.  Hard to participate in a supposed, participatory Republic these days. 
For those who were interested in this cause and have not been "in the loop," please see my website.  I will be adding more and more documentation as this goes along.  I believe that the chemtrail, exotic weapons (directed energy), mind control, implants, and rampant domestic surveillance issues are all related.  They are just the parts of one, big, control grid.  Hey, it was the Air Force that said they want "space and near-space dominance" in their study "Air Force 2025" not me.  Something about he who "gains the high-ground" controlling it all.   
I would like to see all of this exposed and arrests.  Why?  I know that sometimes in politics things change, but it also just gets swepted under the rug and never sees the light of day.  It needs to be in the history books just like what happened with Hitler.  We obviously need reminders so that this never, ever happens again.  I guess citizens chosen by lottery are just going to have to go on those weapons inspections to space otherwise we will never know just what is up there will we?
I don't think this is the future any of us want for this country or the world.  Hmmm, don't worry about little green men invading with ray guns . . . we already seem to have a similiar problem.
Carolyn Williams Palit
707 W. Eagle Pass
Alpine, Tx. 79830