13 december 2001 usa milky way within the way


  after burn
   where are we now?
    can't speak
      all is changed
       yet still the same
         feels weird
          and yet
           there is
            no feeling
               what gives?
                who are we?
                 are we
                   or was there
                     we at all?

ok, we jumped
faced our fears
  turned off the tube
   falling free
     in fall
      still there?
       don't know
        can't see
          that's where
           the angels live
            or so we think
             or do we think
              don't know
               have faith
                the captains say
                 "let it all go"
                   must trust in love
                    cruise control

hey, maybe this
is not so bad
  this floating free
   not knowing where
    the next road leads
     have not a care
      no voices saying
       'we were there'
        'we were not'
         'we have been'
          'we are going'
           'never win'
             what a trip
              feeling free
               be here now
                are we 'be'?

from out of dark
  a tiny glow
   a baby spark
    up in the distance
     straight ahead
      we can see
       a white light
         into vision
          taking form
           we are swimming
            in a swarm
             wings of gold
              singing choir
               joyful noise
                coming out of

colors start
to bleed into
  a picture
   like the movie from
    'what dreams may come'
      can this be real?
       are we creating
        what we feel?
         or what we are,
          in grand design?
           when we let go
            what we find
             is what we lost
               this new world
                sure can
                 laugh a lot in

lo and behold
a temple seen
  in swirling waters
   blue and green
     crystal spires
      dancing dance
       spinning fires
        of water gold
         eyes of know
          look out at us
           from temple's throne
            as we draw near
             to our surprise
              we realize
               the eyes are ours

deja thoris the princess of mars
© copyright 2001 by deja thoris