Just got an compelling mysterious message by phone and on my subsequent request an emailed followup. Been at this stuff for a long time and have a Insider-advisor or two. Readers may take it or leave it. As for myself I put this material in a trusted file pending further corroboration from all parties, and these briefs do act as guides as to where to look further--Kent


9/21/03 9:18:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Advanced Sources speaking on condition of remaining anonymous have Confirmed 5 points concerning Galileo and her final hours.
1. The Existence of water bodies, basins and rudimentary rivers on Jupiter.
2. The Existence of Water Clouds, Lightning, and Storms in the atmosphere.
3. The Existence of Rudimentary Life on the planet near the Ice Cap.
4. The Existence of at least 6 permanent settlements in varied locations on the Planet.
5. That Galileo was destroyed above the atmospheric layer by what can only be described as a projectile from the surface and not a self-contained explosive or an impact with the surface.
Galileo was to soft-land through the use of an atmospheric shoot or shroud similar to a parachute and in descent, cameras on all sides were to shoot panoramas every 10 minutes on a 5-6 hr. descent. When the cameras went on and focused, a dark object was seen closing  and then on-board sensors recorded a rapid rise in temperature and all signals were lost except a confirmation of destruction of the craft. I am sure NASA will deny and try to duck and cover but 4-5 monitoring stations world-wide got identical reports. Things are hot right now!! More explanations may take days into weeks.

ARCHIVES: In July 1988, the Russians launched two unmanned satellite probes - Phobos 1 and Phobos 2 - in the direction of Mars, and with the primary intention of investigating the planet's mysterious moon, Phobos. Phobos 1 was unfortunately lost en route two months later, reportedly because of a radio command error. Phobos 2 was also ultimately lost in the most intriguing circumstances, but not before it had beamed back certain images and information from the planet Mars itself.