I just realized mercury would be eclipsing the same time the moon does, but I haven't heard much about that,in most of the articles I have read--is this not a very rare event ? will it give a hour glass appearance & could this be the hidden ---from the nosti predictions ?

12/15/00 9:55:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Season's Greeting, Kent!

Got a bit lost on your site, subsite, and subsubsite recently, so I
couldn't relocate your comments on Mercury's recent appearence on LASCO
C3. Indeed, Mercury will be precisely conjunct the Sun during the
Christmas eclipse - about 1 degree below the sun-moon syzygy. Powerful
news could be afoot! Keep in mind that Mercury (Hermes the Trickster)
had a field day with the presidential election. No surprise that Hermes
is the patron saint of thieves!

Another thing to point out on the C3 images - notice the sun moving
toward a blotch of stars to the left. This is the area of the Sagittari
constellation that obscures the Galactic Heart Center - assumed to be a
black hole - Hunab Ku to the Ancient Maya and the center of galactic
intelligence. On the Winter Solstice (12/21), the sun will cross the
Great Rift of the Milky Way, or the Galactic Equator. The Mayan Long
Count will come to an end on December 21, 2012 (same date that Terrence
McKenna's "Timewave" flatlines) and its ending associated with the sun
crossing thia location of Milky Way. The ancient Olmec/Maya considered
the sun a conscious entity and a relayer of Galactic Intelligence. For
more info on the astronomical aspects of this Mayan prophecy, see John
Major Jenkins' article:

Happy Solstice!

Gary Glynn