Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 2:44 AM

Hi guys;

Well all you clients and friends of mine who have heard me tell you not
to go into Seattle this April for over a year now, the answer to why is
here. I thought it would have to do with China and the Waterfront, which
is true,  but it will not be an explosion, it is called the Death Cloud.
Just heard about it on International News, so not sure if you all know
about it., or will hear about it at all.

The Death Cloud is presently in China and is expected to hit Seattle and
Western Washington in about a weeks time, but no later than the first of
April. In healthy individuals it will cause sore throats, running eyes
and a cough. For those of us who have allergies or asthma, it will cause
severe attacks. Masks are suggested.

[China's dust storm expected to reach U.S. Broadcast]

They are reporting that it is a dust cloud, but they believe it will
also be full of pesticides & chemicals that have been outlawed here.
So, stay indoors as much as possible as I am quite concerned since this
psychic information came well over a year ago, that means this will be
serious, as that is how the WTC came to me.

I am suspicious of this, mainly because I would think that it would
disperse somewhat over the ocean waters, and I am doubly concerned with
the reporting of pesticides and chemicals, is it bio-warfare, who am I
to say, but this does not sound right to me.

Also, let us pray for a strong wind in the opposite direction to curtail
it, or heavy rains, that is, if this 'cloud' is not something that is
being let off by the powers that be and the whole story is part make

Unfortunately, after this email switch from qwest to msn here in
Seattle, I lost lots of friends and clients emails, so please pass this
message along. Thanks!

Blessings, Leslee
Cloud Update:

Latest report tells this death/dust cloud coming from China will
probably last through the entire month of April turning blue (?) Seattle
skies a milky white while causing health havoc throughout Western

Funny, they can not even get the weather right in this area, yet this is
a go.

For inexpensive preventive precautions against this dust cloud or
pollution of any kind, here are a few suggestions: I have just listed
those that are the lightest on the pocket book and the easiest to find.

Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine. Buy the powder form and throw
some in bottled water or juice and sip all day. Vit C is non-toxic and
if you get a bit too much you will simply eliminate it.

Fresh Lemon is also good, one lemon a day squeezed in water, but for
those of you who have citrus allergies, there is a Vit C powder made
from beet.

Lobelia is by far the Best lung cleanser and tonic, recommended as a
tincture in small doses and sipped in hot water or tea. Follow tincture
instructions for dosage. Cures pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion.

Mullein is also excellent for the lungs, Myrrh for sinus and throat,
also a blood detoxifier, Marshmallow for an expectorant.

Ant-bacteria and anti-viral, garlic cannot be beat, especially for cost.
6 tabs a day.

Peppers are great for coughs, colds, congestions, pour black pepper on
your food. Ginger and Cayenne are also good for sinus.

Ginkgo Biloba will cross the brain barrier so use for preventive chem
toxins in this area, very affordable.

Sun Chlorella is great for both nourishment and cleansing. It has been
known to eliminate heavy metals from the body, so a good choice for
chemical and pesticide exposure. A bit costly, so if it is not
affordable for you, then get Solaray Brand. This is packed full of
vitamins and minerals folks and an excellent source of protein.

Astragalus is the herb of choice for radiation elimination, and is
suggested to be used along with chemo and radiation treatments to keep
the immune system in check and also keep the residue from building in
the blood, so another good one for dust clouds.(if you have an
auto-immune condition do not take this)

If noting else, drink 1/2 your weight in pure, fresh water, this alone
can keep the body free of congestion.

I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a licensed health practitioner, but
I am an herbalist. These suggestions I am making are to be looked upon
as a food source and in no way should they take the place of medical
evaluation and advice. If you have a serious health condition please
seek medical help.

Feel free to email either Granny or myself if you have further
questions, emails can be found on Seekers Website. Also, please pass
this along to all your Western Washington friends, or groups who have
members in this state.


Granny's ala Natural Healing