Subj: Czech Cave Imp: here's a book reference
Date: 8/30/01 7:16:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

In Fortean Times' book "Strange Days #1" on page 27, you'll see the same Czech Cave Imp photo. I read this book a couple months ago, so this reference will come in handy. The Crystal Quest expedition of Cheddar Showcaves has this odd goblin in the exhibit somewhere (according to the book). Apparently you have to take pictures when you're walking in the pitch-black cave. That's how someone found this goblin statue.

A statue! Interesting how everyone forgets the source of a photo, huh? Most people have seen this goblin photo, but they can never remember where.

I'm not sure what Czech cave someone's referring to, but I bet the Cheddar Showcaves curators can vouch for this goblin just as much as Fortean Times could. Hope this helps.

(I also tried to find "naree pon" photos, but all the search engines are acting like we're misspelling it. I'm baffled as to how to write "naree pon" in the Thailand language.)