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Anony Mous

Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 6:28 PM
Subject: Re: Cyprus site of Atlantis

David and All,

David Hatcher Childress in his book "Lost Cities - Atlantis, Ancient
Europe, and the Mediterranean" details the evidence for and Against Cypris and
disproves the theory nicely. I enclose a thread I sent to _____for your


The above mentioned is just not true. I have translated literally hundreds
of Greek, Sumerian, and Egyptian Scrolls, tablets and seals which refer to
Poseida (another name for Atlantis), Atlata, The Island Continent at the
Gates of Heracles, and other Atlantis References. The scholars wiuld have
you believe it is a myth but that is because they are unable ore unwilling
to research the subject fully. David Hatcher Childress does a good job of
reviewing evidence in his books as well. His Lost Cities series is full of
references from Turkey to Greece and Crete. All place Atlantis in the
Atlantic Ocean. Other references include The Mediterranenan Basin as a
fertile valley before 9600 BCE and Atlantis references abound. I have 2
teams in The Azores as does _____and we are finding relics galore
of an "Atlantis-type Civilization" stretching from Southern Great Britian to
the Moroocan Coast. I just takes a bit of study to find the clues.

Oh Yes, I have read BOTH works in the Original Attic (Archaeic) Greek. The
translators left a lot out to scuttle Atlantis. I translate all 3
languages (Attic - Koinae- and Some Modern Greek) so I can speak with authority in
this area.

We are in the final stages of piecing the scenerio together with input
from David;s books and our own research. Cypris is a strong contender except
for some vital and somewhat obcscure details. We have located a plasticene
dome 3 km in diameter off The Azores which is emitting multi-gigawatt
transmissions on regular predictable intervals. We believe that we have
found Poseidia and The GGreat Crystal is still in operation. We still need
time to verify and substantiate our findings and conclusions.

Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: Cyprus site of Atlantis

Dear All

I was intrigued by mention of Cyprus

Last week I was in the south of France and met up with an ancient
historian who has been researching numerology and postulates that the whole of
early language and words were made from numbers relating to the universe.
Starting from the observation of the correlation of Pyramid measurements
with the distances to the sun and heavenly bodies he postulates that
these numbers were known to the then civilsation. Part of the power of this is
that the numerology of the name APOLLO, god of light, in some way
combined with Pi results in the speed of light, and other such "coincidences"
arise in a ways that correlate.

He is of the firm belief that Cyprus relates to Atlantis but I did not
have time to discuss with him the extent of the evidence.

Best wishes