Bush Cyborgs not Clones 

9/18/02 6:54:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

Recently read an article about how all the cloned animals don't live long and thought of all the Bush clone stories. I think "he"s a cyborg and let me explain why.


I think the animals can't last long because they have no prana connection to the 'source'. The only thing I could imagine an unmanipulative sheep doing to keep itself alive- is to access chi from the 'mother'...er....genetic donor? I wonder if these 'parental' sheep feel a sense of 'relief' when the clone drops dead?

And so I would imagine that human clones might have better ability to steal energy from other non-suspecting humans  (I mean isn't that what the EE is really all about? <G>) but that after awhile, they might start get a bit piqued and desperate?

BUT if these ''shells' are actually cyborgs- no problemo. In one word- DuraCell.

To hell with nature and emotional intelligence leading to mass populace votes.
I believe rote movement, programmed through polls, and synchronized to crystal cellular disintegration, is really what politics today is all about! <G>