Subj: Fw: Academy #384: The Latest Discoveries Off Cuba & Azores/ The 3-Fold Caves Discoveries Update/ Unlocking the Mysteries of Sleep
Date: 2/24/02 8:09:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

Academy #384:   The Latest Discoveries Off Cuba & Azores/ The 3-Fold Caves
Discoveries Update/ Unlocking the Mysteries of Sleep (2-24-2002 Sunday
Heart of #384:

                  The Latest Discoveries Off Cuba & Azores

         As you can see, this post just did not make it out earlier this
week. Factors were time to do some surfing & then coordination, and last
but not least, compile it or as much as I can into a post. And naturally, most
has to be typed in or commented on, so I finally managed to get a slight
breather to assist in getting it done.

         Continuing from Academy #381 on the subject started then,
"Atlantean & Lemurian Discoveries & Setbacks", we pick up in the scenario of

         How many of you have seen the movie "Total Recall" with Arnold &
Sharon? The Sci-Fi movie, of course with Arnold it brings a lot of action
too, delivers a story of a time in our near future that we are able to
shuttle back & forth to the Moon & Mars. A colony, which however is
enclosed due to lack of a breathable atmosphere, was begun there. It was to
facilitate mining which was needed for Earth. How about that? A flip-flop
of Sitchen's research that Earth was mined to get the stuff to Mars(even
though it went from there).

         Anyways, a discovery was made on Mars but was kept secret only by
a very few. Naturally, the one who controlled the air supply also controlled
the "secret". The secret was something ancient, very ancient. It was a
specific type of nuclear reactor (not necessarily, but just to give you an
idea). This setup was discovered deep under the surface of Mars. It was
realized that it had been designed to melt the underground glaciers &
release the steam above ground. The purpose was to create an atmosphere or
replenish it. The question remains, the aliens (yes, that was a main point
put across) that built it, had it been used before or was it built for a
time in the future? If it was for their future, why were the aliens afraid
to activate it? If it was for a far time in the future, did they foresee
the time it would be activated?

         Maybe you asked why I have brought this into the post, but it has
to do with the vast underground networks in our planet (or in a sense, the
Hollow Earth), how ancient some of the structures are that have been
left (be it above ground, in the ground, or even underwater) and that somehow the
past, present & future are linked. It will be too much to touch on this
just in this post, but in the days ahead.

         Some of you who know me in person, know how sometimes so
methodical or something akin to that. Some of you can see it in the details related.
I think Jean was the one who coined the phrase "Dataman" on(for) me. But
then some also know that even though sometimes I am so like the "logical" side
of Mr. Spock of "Star Trek", I also am the very opposite. Sometimes I go
totally against the grain, as if in faith, or the Inner Voice, perhaps
even by tuggings of the Inner Heart, which to some makes me "illogical" at
times. So I try to balance the two, in order to make sure I am not or could not
be mistaken as leaning to one side only. I perceive truth as a "ladder" made
of many steps. So in that respect, I continue the "research" into who & what
we are, were, and will become. Our past, present, and future have many
overlaps, regardless of how ancient or how far away in the future. It is
up to us to explore, research, take notes, and learn from it. By this, we
become not only teachers, but learners as well. And yes, sometimes we will
agree & sometimes we will disagree. And we'll remember that we are diverse
and there are reasons for it. For we see that a faceted & polished diamond
has many faces, each distinct, but part of the whole structure which is
considered the hardest chemical structure makeup. Of course, as with an
open mind, we will find that it might not be, as new technologies & perhaps
discoveries will reveal in the days ahead. But a diamond is a good analogy
& will be used in certain references ahead. Consider it a "marker". These
markers are by which we navigate & interrelate to in the human experience.

         That said & done, let's touch on the latest discoveries. And we'll
do so with an open mind.


          Many of you have heard of the recent discoveries off of Cuba.
Much thanks to M., J. M. and M.M. on this one. I compiled the
two sections below after checking further from information shared by M,
J, and M. But I had to go over everything to be sure & then share
the possible locations for the discovery.

One of the main proponents to get this information public is Linda
Milton Howe & her website.

         In Linda's first report on 5-18-01(3 days after the Reuters
release), she interviewed Barbara Moffet with National Geographic Society.
Supposedly, National Geographic will be involved in this project. At least
it is not the Smithsonian, right? Then Linda shares the Reuters' 5-15-01
News Release.

The discovery comes from Paulina Zelitsky, of Advanced Digital
Communications, mapping with special sonar equipment the ocean's floor in
contract with the Cuban Academy of Sciences. The discoveries were said to
be when they were running tests deep in waters off Havana Bay[actually much
further West]. What was spotted was said to be in approximate waters of
2200 feet depth(also noted as somewhere between 700 to 800 meters). It seems to
be some sort of plateau which can only be manmade, as it indicates or is
similar to structures like pyramids, buildings, and even roads. ADC was
also mapping underwater sea volcanoes at about twice the depth around 5000 feet
or about 1500 meters. This was off the Western tip of Cuba. There was to
be a hopeful expedition in the summer of 2001. The Western tip of Cuba was at
one past time era joined to the Yucatan, for those that may not know. Here
are some URLs to check into.

Subject: atlantis off cuba
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 21:24:16 -0600

First Earthfile bit on Cuba w/Reuters' story:

Others that noted Cuba---

         Lynn's NOTE: I do not have the URL for the initial Reuters story,
but it may be on Earthfiles #239 or on the Sightings article.

EDITOR: Wayback Machine link.

Atlantis Digest #64:
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 16:59:34 -0500
From: mc
Subject: [Atlantis] Re: Atlantis and Cuba

From: M M.
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 17:20:44 -0700
Subject: [earthchange-bulletins] Pyramids, Roads And Buildings' Found At
2200' In Caribbean? 5-16-01
'Pyramids, Roads And Buildings'
Found At 2200' In Caribbean?

Looking at this map, you will see that this is a new discovery, as it is
not off Bimini, Andros Island, Berry Islands, or off the Cay Sal Bank.

The general area that is circled I will have to get back to you,
as my maps do not have both sides(Cuba & Yucatan), except one (but I have no
mileage key to go by). And it seems my maps do not agree on Latitude N. So
I'll give you both.

         John sent me a portion of a map that shows three areas that seem
to be a little higher than surrounding area. Now it is possible they aren't
the location, but the portion circled at the webpage indicates the finds are a
little North of the extreme Western tip. I forgot to ask John if the
readings were in feet, meters, or fathoms. That makes a big difference,
but we can speculate without that.

         Looking at a Rand McNally 2002 United States map, there are 4
spots (anomolies) located in the average range of 2000 to 2195/2043 depth.
John drew arrows so I could not miss them. one is marked 18 and is just
slightly NNW of the furthest Eastern tip of Cuba. Using the
Lat./Long.(approx. within 0.5) of this map- 18 is 20.5 N Lat. 85 W Long.;
1710 is 20 N Lat. 85 W Long.; 1500 is 21.5 N Lat. 84.5 W Long.; 1902 is
21.5 N Lat. 85 W Long.

         In a Hammond Classic Map of the World(1991), the Longitude looks
about the same. The Latitude shows the Tropic of Cancer around 22.5 N. The
spots are below this.

         Then I have a 1998 Dorling Kindersley World Atlas CD-ROM program.
It however shows the Longitude the same, but the Latitude is different, as it
seems 22 N Lat. runs right(slightly above) across the western tip of Cuba.
So that would like this for the 4 spots' locations(approx. within 0.5) of
this map- 18 is 22 N Lat. 85 W Long.; 1710 is 21.5 N Lat. 85 W Long.; 1500
is 23 N Lat. 84.5 W Long.; 1902 is 23 N Lat. 85 W Long.

So I am not sure if the DK version is wrong. If so, hopefully it
is on Cuba only. Remember, neither of these 4 anomolies may be it, but it is
a good place to start, and they are in the circle noted of the vicinity of
the find.

         Also you can find tidbits in this magazine(a little on the web): Current Issue: #31 Jan./Feb. 2002: p.10
Early Rays: Search for Carribean Atlantis is Early Casualty of Terror

According to this article, the followup expedition has been pushed
back to September 2002 due to logistics problems & Cuban red tape.
Originally it was set for August 2002.

And I just got this issue the other day, it might be up, but unsure: Current Issue: #32 March./April 2002: p.10
Early Rays: "Researchers Confirm Cuban 'Lost City' Discovery"

It does have a little extra news, but not much. It notes around
2100 feet. National Geographic Magazine will have exclusive rights, but the
project has yet to get underway. However, Paulina & the ADC may have come
back in July to film the 7.7 square mile area by use of an underwater
vehicle. Some blocks are estimated at 6.5 to 16 feet in length, some
exposed, and others stacked. And a fine white sand is said to cover the

But on the next page(p.11) is another story- Early Rays: "Plato's Atlantea Canals Said to be in Bahamas"

         A cartographer named Ron Smith claims there seems to be a circular
pattern just like the decription given by Plato of the great canal of
Atlantis. Another explorer, William Donato, says that the circular pattern
indicates a center of 3.22 miles. And that Plato's description uses 3.2
miles. This is in the area between Cat Island & little San Salvador. They
also note that Cat Island resembles a dolphin. And they think they know
which is Grand Canal outlet to the sea as described also by Plato. Another
note speaks of recent satellite images showing a circular pattern near
Bermuda which may confirm Otto Muck's thoughts as to Atlantis' destruction
being due to meteor or asteroid impact.

         And further on pp.45,71, Frank Joseph speaks on Atlantis in the
Stars and connects the 7 stars of the Atlantides or Pleiades. He also uses
word definitions and myths to bring about some common elements.

         And an article on pp. 46-47,72-73 by Alan Alford on his new book
'Was Atlantis the Underworld?'.

         Last is a video available on "Peru's Mystery in Stone", which
looks to be a carved(but eroded) face in the rock. It is referred to as the rock
formations of Marcahausi in northern Peru. It is by Daniel Ruzo, a
Peruvian archaeologist.

And another item............
Now a sunken city off India(but not as deep):

         As for the subject of a possible discovery off the Azores Islands
in the Atlantic, here was the first item that I saw in my issue. You can read
the exact version at as to
"U.S. Navy Atlantis Cover-up?" on p.36.

         It seems a dispatch was put out from the mid-Atlantic and passed
on via William Donato who is President of The Atlantis Organization. This was
September 7th, 2001. A team was about 250 miles SW of the Azores. They had
some very high tech instruments which included underwater devices. They
were researching a 90 kilometer ledge. Why? Because these items were
"spotted" (I am unsure of the exact terminology depending on what devices were used).
They found a temple supported by 9 pillars(3 feet in diameter). The
pillars supported a flat roof of 20 feet x 30 feet wide. Remains of 5 circular
canals, along with bridges. And 4 rings of structures like the centrally
located temple. Location is approximately in 2800 feet in the Mid-Atlantic
ridge. At the moment it seems to be stable. They tried sending photos but
were jammed either inadvertantly or on purpose by several military ships
which carried a US flag. The dispatch notes their research ship was there
on a special research project for Spain. Finally they were chased off by the
military ship/ships. Mountains are said to rise within 300 feet of the
surface also in this vicinity. Using sonar, they tried following the ridge
west, but slowly towards the south. It is believed they may connect with a
shelf near Hispaniola and heads to Cuba.

         Another ship tried tracking the ridge towards England or to its
East. However, the military ships seem to be doing maneuvers, but as if
they are trying to prevent the research.

         NOW, awhile back, some updated information came to me, and they
wanted to remain anonymous due to governmental interference. So I guess
the best thing to do is make up a name to refer to them for future reference.
As much as I hate to, I guess some steps are necessary to protect others. And
I would not want to be the one to cause problems for them or endanger them.
So we will refer to him as AnonyMous, which will make it easy for me to

AnonyMous has shared some items on the Azores "find", but in brief
& very quickly. So my notes may not be complete. But the story I was given
goes like this. AnonyMous explained he was not on any of the ships when
the discovery was made, but calls them colleagues. And his information is
direct from them. Just like in the article, a Bathoscope was one item used. The
complex(my term here) consists of about 30 to 40 structures, and they seem
to be uncannily preserved. The "settlement"(his term) is about 2200 feet
deep which is about the same as Cuba's find. There are "rounds" or
circles, and on one end there seems to be a harbor, sort of like Plato's

Elsewhere recently, about 5 islands have surfaced 250 miles SW of
the Azores. However, this does occur frequently in the Atlantic. Here
today, gone tomorrow. Perhaps.... Time will tell.

         At night they noticed something most unusual. It appears as if the
bottom is moving. It seems to rise 35 to 40 feet. I am not sure, but I
think it stabilized, bit I might be wrong.

         They have retrieved a few pieces. Even though underwater for a
very long time, the Carbon-14 testing reveals a time which places it back in
the 10,000 BC era or 12,500 years back era. One plate (possible plaque) had
very strange pictographs on it. But it seems different from anything we know of
in today's time.

         Further on the circles, there are 9 circles joined & separated. 3
Circles open to a Causeway.

         In the middle of the complex, what appears to be a giant crystal
either 40 or 400 feet across(my notes have a contradiction as to if the
second zero was there). There is a huge 30 meter high statue that is
intact. Who knows, it may even be of Poseidon. Time will tell.

         I have a note about the odd weight of one piece, but unsure of
what the oddity was. One pioece was tested with a laser, but it did nothing to
it. The material is not like anything we have today.

         And AnonyMous wonders just why the government is trying to
suppress this find. Is it due to power, money, superiority, or just what. I was
informed that not only were there US Navy ships, but British ones as well,
and I think another countries if not mistaken. There is no question the
research ships were prevented from doing any more, as it was deliberate,
not just due to practice maneuvers. But the crew(s), as well as others, have
been threatened to turn over their find. However, nobody has given up the
data or the location of the find.

         He named a few agencies of the US involved, such as CIA(Central
Intelligence Agency) & DIA(Defense Intelligence Agency), and of course the
Navy. These were the main 3 agencies that have kept this find suppressed.

         He was afraid that if the government got the data, this find will
never be brought forth into the public's eye(into the community was his
thoughts) and into the scientific world. In other words, they want it out
in the open & want everything to be handled scientifically to document
everything. Their query is what we all want, to know of our past so that
we can face the future & not make the same mistakes.

         I guess I'll end it here, except AnonyMous noted that Paulina and
those involved in the Cuba find have also been threatened if not being
suppressed. I have known of the CIA threatening researchers in the
Carribean concerning finds for a couple of years now. An archaeologist told me some
of the goings on behind the scenes. You would be amazed as to how far the CIA
has infiltrated the Atlantis researchers It is sad that such a thing

         Now before anybody thinks I am into promoting a bunch of
conspiracies, I assure you, I am not. My hopes are that the researchers
will some day be free of interference & suppression so that we might find the
truth of our existence, or I should say our distant past reaching out to
our far future.
The 3-Fold Caves Discoveries Update:

         You probably say why have I called it the 3-Fold Caves. That is
because there seems to be some disagreement now & there may be 3 separate
locations. So the mystery continues. However, the one I mentioned back in
the end of 1999 was referring to what was believed to be the Burrow's Cave
of Southern Illinois. But recently, Burrows has disclaimed that this is
not really the right(correct) site. So now we have 3 caves and our caches of
old. I'll tell you more around the bend.

         Here is a little bit of URLs for you to look into as to the
Illinois Mystery Cave & related.

Illinois Mystery Cave website URL info(2-24-02):

Illinois Mystery Cave website(under Alexander Helios,Inc.)---


     Ancient American Magazine Vol. 3 #16 Special Ptolemy Issue

     Articles in Ancient American Magazine About Burrows Cave

     ESOP, ISAC & Midwest Epigraphic Journal Articles

     Louisiana Mound Society Articles discussing Burrows Cave Mound Society

     Miscellaneous Articles from assorted sources

     New Articles


Cave Images:

Personal Biographies of some involved:

Archives with personal notes of responses:

  A few photos of those involved(Paul & Harry):

Links to other items & groups related to the Illinois Mystery Cave(be it +
or -):


It might be noted, that by making an item available, it doesn't
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Unlocking the Mysteries of Sleep:

From: H.Lynn Herrmann
Subject: Unlocking the Mysteries of Sleep(11-30-01)
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 10:33:30 -0600
Unlocking the Mysteries of Sleep

Researchers Debate Exactly How Sleep Aids Memory, Learning
By   Jeanie Davis

Nov. 1, 2001 -- "I'll sleep on it" may seem like a last resort when
problems get too murky. But new science is revealing why this time-tested remedy
works. Researchers are also learning more about the role that sleep
plays -- or doesn't play -- in helping us cram for tests or learn new skills like
dancing, tennis, and the piano.

The studies appear in the current issue of the journal Science.

Researchers have long debated the connection between REM (rapid eye
movement) sleep and learning. A popular notion has been that sleeping
allows the brain to consolidate memories, to facilitate learning. But one group
of researchers finds just the opposite, that sleep plays little role in
helping us learn new material.

"Learning occurs during alert, waking hours, not during sleep," says
Jerome M. Siegel, PhD, professor of psychiatry at UCLA and chief of neurobiology
research at Sepulveda VA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

If anything, getting a good night's sleep helps with concentration --
that's the benefit, Siegel tells WebMD. "It's very important to be well-rested if
you want to learn something. You don't want to fall asleep in the test.
It's like eating before a test; you have to take care of yourself. It's not
that REM sleep helps learning. It's not important for memory."

In his paper, Siegel reviewed numerous animal and human studies, looking
at the effects of REM sleep. Many found that depriving animals and humans of
REM sleep did not impair their ability to form long-term memories.

"The switch from temporary memory to permanent memory seems to occur
during waking hours," he says. "You don't need sleep to retain it."

There are plenty of people who have no REM sleep -- for various reasons --
who don't have memory problems, Siegel says. People taking drugs known as
MAO inhibitors for depression are a perfect example; so are some brain
injury patients.

Also, people who learn very well -- those with high IQs -- do not seem to
have any pattern of greater REM sleep than those who are retarded.
Likewise, some of the smartest animals -- dolphins, whales -- get very little REM
sleep whereas the platypus, an entirely instinct-driven animal, gets more
REM sleep than any other animal.

In fact, among all the animals, humans don't have especially high or low
amounts of REM sleep, he tells WebMD. "We really don't know the purpose of
REM sleep," Siegel says. "We don't even fully understand learning."

REM sleep may actually help us with certain types of learning -- what's
called "procedural" learning, "when you're learning how rather than what,"
says Robert Stickgold, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard
Medical School and a cognitive neuroscientist.

Stickgold agrees with Siegel, that "simple declarative memory" -- like
remembering facts for a test, phone numbers, or word lists -- is not
dependent on sleep. "Everything we learn while waking gets learned before
we sleep. So clearly those are not dependent on sleep for their initial
consolidation," he tells WebMD.

Studies of procedural learning, however, "show clear evidence that you
don't get improvement until you sleep," Siegel says.

A perfect example: studies show that when learning muscle-related tasks --
like dancing, piano playing, gymnastics -- there is significant
improvement after a night's sleep, he tells WebMD.

This type of learning occurs in the cortex of the brain, Siegel explains.
"The hippocampus hands out the 'episodic details' like phone numbers, what
you had for breakfast this morning." The facts you crammed for today's
test are likely delivered via the hippocampus.

But it's the neocortex that's working when you need to re-process
information, as in learning muscle-related tasks. It's also the neocortex
that will provide the answer when someone asks what you would like for
breakfast, he says.

"Your neocortex would process all the information -- the fact that you
prefer waffles, but the last couple of times you had them they were kinda
soggy," Stickgold tells WebMD.

It's also your neocortex that makes "sleeping on a problem" -- a concept
that seems known across all cultures -- so effective, he says. "You're
offered the perfect job, but it's not in an ideal city. You can't decide
which college is right for you. Everybody knows that you can count on the
fact that if you go to bed confused, when you wake up, you'll have the
answer, or the answer isn't to be found."

"I think the mysteries of sleep, of REM sleep, are yielding," says David
Dinges, PhD, a sleep researcher, professor of psychology and psychiatry at
the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dinges is currently president of the Sleep Research Society, and agreed to
comment on the studies for WebMD.

"As the technology gets better, our ability to penetrate the brain gets
better, allowing these and other scientists to push the envelope in our
understanding," Dinges tells WebMD. These are small pieces of evidence in
a giant, endless puzzle."

Sleep is known to be important to cognitive function, he says. "We know
that if you are sleep-deprived, it's tougher to remember, harder to think
quickly, more difficult to think of new solutions. The debate among
scientists is whether those are completely different functions, or are
they related? Does REM sleep restabilize us from a cognitive and emotional
perspective or is it necessary so that our brains can lay down memories?"

Likely so, says Dinges. "I'd be surprised if there was not some
fundamental role of sleep in facilitating learning and memory, but how specific we can
be remains to be debated. It's partly tied up with how we define memory
and learning -- which may not be exactly how nature separates it out."

© 2001 WebMD Corporation. All rights reserved.

         Thanks to All! There's still more to tell, such as Mars, Healing,
the Hall of Records, suppression of researchers trying tio find Atlantis,
and more search for the Truth.

         Speaking of sleep, I guess that's my cue to end here. I probably
won't get another post out till next weekend, as I have a full week ahead.
My platter is full. So have a wonderful week! See you then.
                                         your friend & servant,
                                                         Lynn H.