Subj: CT Observations - Thoughts
Date: 8/28/01 11:30:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Namaste from Ft Worth, Texas:

I am responding to the inquiry sent yesterday, 8-27-01, re Chemtrails and Precipitation. Please pardon the lack of salutation but the email that was sent to me has mysteriously vanished from my list today (not the first time for this to happen) and I do not recall which of you requested this information. I believe the question asked was if I had observed Chemtrails being sprayed before expected rain fronts moved in to my area and also if I had seen CT spraying after rain events? My answer is YES to both – especially before forecasted rain events. My home is located on the very western edge of the Metroplex with a great view to the south and west across open farmlands. I was raised in Weatherford, a ranching area about 25 miles west of Ft Worth, and many of my rural relatives are seeing the sprayers coming out of Ft Worth make their U-turns out there over the open land. There is a growing group of us that monitor Chemtrails around the DFW region regularly and we have all consistently observed CT spraying dramatically increase ahead of anticipated precipitation. The CT spraying after precipitation events is not as obvious but we have seen this done also. IMO, the Chemtrail site that provides excellent documentation of CT samples, laboratory analysis reports, activist efforts,  etc is Clifford Carnicom's "Chemtrail Crimes" -   He has worked very hard to raise public awareness & coordinate efforts among several Chemtrails websites with a Petition for Senate Hearings concerning these operations.

This morning there was a mass of rain clouds moving in towards the Metroplex from the distant Southwest as I drove children to school at 8am. But directly overhead, Chemtrails were being sprayed in an East-Southeast to West-Northwest swath in front of this approaching line of rain. Our forecast of 50% chance of rain here never materialized as the moisture was dissipated and it has been a mild, overcast day without rain here in the Metroplex. At 7pm tonight, I could see a grid of CT lines over Western areas of Ft Worth through the clearing areas in the dissipating clouddeck. So it appears to me that they are deliberately overspraying the incoming clouds containing tropical moisture as they enter the metropolitan area. I have seen this same scenario many times and documented numerous observation reports on the Yahoo Chemtrail Tracking Club USA over the past year:

I’ve been thinking about why the unseen, assumedly malevolent, forces behind the CT spraying would structure operations to purposely restrict rainfall in high population, urban areas. One of my theories is that this would be an easy way to bioconcentrate covert substances that are being added to municipal water supplies… a means of upping the dosage in the delivery system to the populace at large. And as you’re probably aware, there are certainly plenty of rumors and channeled messages floating about asserting that we, humanity, are being covertly manipulated +/or altered in various ways by negatively motivated interventionist entities (I prefer term, sts = "service- to-self," per David Wilcock’s teachings). That this is being attempted not only through adulterating our atmosphere, but also via water, food, EMF, and cultural programming through social institutions, etc.

Have you read the material about covert Weather Warfare using EM Beam weapons by Dr. Peter Beter? I think that this may be what is happening when we see this alteration in precipitation-weather mod being done so openly but still have not figured out if the Chemtrails are covert offensive tactics against the inhabitants or defensive countermeasures in covert warfare as he discusses. I also intuitively feel that there are other, more complex and "way-out" components of the Chemtrail picture besides Weather Modification/Warfare. Some of these factors to consider are Biological Warfare monitoring/experiments, Laser Weapons, Antigravity experiments, UAVs, HAARP Psychotronic Measures, Scalar EM Interferometry Tech & Disease Transmission (see Tom Bearden: )    

Another line of thinking that I have been exploring is how Chemtrails could be part of a large-scale (futile?) attempt by these 'sts' entities to stymie our planetary - spiritual evolution and growing ability to communicate with other realms/ dimensions, etc. And will add here that AMBILAC'S excellent documentation on the Grids, GIZA, and the bigger ***COSMIC *** picture over the past year has been an essential catalyst for my own spiritual awakening & preparations for what is to soon be played out in our collective drama. And CYBER SPACE ORBIT also --- my heart is filled with much gratitude to Kent - I believe that he is truly a special being here to help humanity at this time - a real Blessing to the whole world!

Here is a copy of my post re Dr. Beter’s information from Yahoo Chemtrails Tracking Club USA. Since posting this, I have read the Introduction listed in Index linked below & learned more background info concerning the covert "Tesla Death Ray" Scalar EMF Base that is reportedly located on the Moon. 

68883 Russia: Weather Weapons = Covert WAR? 8/17/01 gisgaia 5:43 pm

Astonishing concepts in this l979 newsletter by Dr. Peter Beter. 20 years ago, in his series of 80 Audio Letters released over a period of 7 years, he described how Russia had secretly deployed a fleet of ELECTROGRAVITIC UAV PLATFORMS over the USA for military purposes. Could these be one of the many purposes of chemtrails spraying - a counterdefense against these UAVs and Moon-based BEAM RAY attacks in Top Secret covert WARFARE for the past several decades?

Russia's secret space triad of weapons:
-the manned Cosmos Interceptor Killer Satellites,
-the manned bases on the moon,
-and the manned electrogravitic platforms called Cosmospheres floating high over our heads and in other land and sea areas of the earth. These super weapons were developed in secret by Russia and deployed suddenly during the closing months of 1977.

---"Right after the moon shots (Tesla Scalar BEAM Rays?) that produced the giant double flash, the Cosmospheres went to work. Each began firing a powerful electron beam into the target zone, in a de-focused mode. The electrons mingled into the rising torrents of water vapor, giving a negative charge to the water droplets as they formed. This caused the tiny droplets to repel each other, so that they could not condense into rain. So the water vapor was forced to stay aloft instead of raining back down into the sea.
---"These cosmosphere duos used their beam weapons to load the atmosphere with protons, which are positively charged. This attracted the artificial storm cells with their negatively charged clouds. That is why the storms pounded exactly the same areas--time after time after time; and it was also the proton clouds that triggered the actual storms.
They neutralized the electrons in the storm clouds, the water condensed into rain, and the devastating storms were the result."

BTW, relations with Russia appear to be deteriorating rapidly per today's news:
8-17-01 US Charges Russia of Proliferating Dangerous Weapons:
"Rumsfeld said Russia was adding to US fears about emerging missile threats and weapons of mass destruction from "rogue states" like North Korea, Iran and Iraq."

I found the Dr. Beter info earlier this week while searching keywords of Russia + Weather Modification + War... been too sick to post, tho. This site here gives more "MUST READ" background info:

This is INDEX of his 80 Audio Tapes that I found searching Google... wow - hope y'all got plenty of popcorn on hand for some serious reading ! - this is mind blowing stuff!

Am sick w/ fever >103, swollen neck glands, pain behind ears, severe aching in joints x 3 days. My 7 yrs child was ill with Fever >105 on Tues-Weds but absolutely no other symptoms at all... blood work was negative - WEIRD! Heavy Chemtrails been sprayed here in DFW area of North Texas almost daily past 2 weeks.

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Here is a sample post from other members of the Yahoo Club today discussing their observations of CT spraying and resulting precipitation events in Oregon: 

70128 Re: Randy OR COAST 8/28/01 zorrowoman (36/F/Rockaway Beach, OR)

Yes Randy...Do you suppose 'THEY' also have the capabilities to reverse the osmosis process?!! If so then that is exactly what is happening, I do believe. Aug.26 & 27 we also had extremely heavy rains (2 inches in Tillamook, OR...all in approx. 36 hours' time) and like jan we too had massively gotten blitzed at least 24 hours straight the day before...(Aug.25) and I am pretty sure that we had at least 2 CLEAR days prior to that...(Aug.23 & 24) I did not write any of this down and am so sorry I haven't been posting on the calendar. I will now! anyway to the best of my memory these are my recollections from the past week here in Rockaway Beach

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I hope this sharing of my Chemtrail observations & thoughts will be helpful in some way to your work there at AMBILAC and sincerely pray that our mutual efforts will benefit all sentient beings throughout Creation.