2:45 AM Research Report: Mt Etna Core Spike Gravity Wave

Hi All-

I have decided to submit my research report regarding the recent Core Spike and Gravity Wave phenomena. Many here seem to point to an event that was generated by the Earth´s Core, and as I previously stated in another thread, an Earth Core Event did occur. However, it is apparnt many could not understand the phenomena thus I have decided to submit this research report regarding the phenomena. This particuliar report is hastily thrown together and will be updated in my archives over time so if it looks raw this the reason..,0,3172440.story?coll=sns%2Dap%2Dworld%2Dheadlines

On 24 Nov 2002, three earthquakes hit Mt. Etna shaking the island and volcano violently and a massive magma surge began there threatening the residents.

Now a little background regarding Mt Etna is required here. After the eruption of 2001 of Mt Etna, it was discovered and reported that Mt Etna had become more explosive, this was due to water being found in the magma. This indicated that the magma had originated and rushed up quickly from the deep earth picking up the water as it pushed past the plates. This idicates that Mt Etna has undergone a MAJOR change from a "Hotspot Volcano" to what is called an "Island Arc Volcano". Mt Etna has never been this type of volcano before last years eruption, it was always a "Hotspot Volcano". Island Arc Volcano´s are mostly located around Indonesia area in the Ring of Fire.

Another event occurred on 24 Nov 2002, a massive 35ft wave surge occurred on the exact opposite part of the planet than Mt Etna seemingly out of nowhere. I archived this wave surge as well as a weather satelite map of the area which showed clear skies in the region of the wave surge. In the above link you can now see this wave surge hitting alaska, just as the 40ft wave surge that occurred in the same area during the original Mt Etna eruption in late october. This is the second recording of this phenomena regarding of Mt Etna, although a third smaller event may have occurred between the original eruption event and this one and was archived but not fully evaluated as it was smaller.

Now, we must enter into the discussion of Geomagnetic Outflows. This is a proven phenomena which is also proven to amplify the Schumann Resonance. Many links will be posted to follow with this discussion:

Non-Dipole Field: Web/Page 7.htm

That portion of the velocity field associated with the non-dipole magnetic field, which constitutes 10% of the earth´s total magnetic field, fluctuates significantly over decade time scales apparantly reflecting the unsteady exchange of angular momentum between the core and the mantle. Initially at 1900, there are three major high-velocity zones: one in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern hemisphere, and one in the equatorial region. By 1950, these three high-velocity zones have combined into single convulated structure, circumnavigating the CMB. Regardless of the high-velocity zone topology over the course of the 20th century, it appears that about 80% of the known Hotspots are distributed on or near these zones. These graphics depict a rich behaviour of velocity patterns including shearing, rifting, Vortex motions, Upwelling and Downwelling.

To simplify the above report they are speaking of the Geodynamo within the Earth that produces the Earth’s magnetic field. The keywords in the report above are in bold print.To explain Non-Dipole magnetics, as we know the Earth has a North and South Pole. What the report is saying is that certain locations on the planet have inward and outward flows of magnetism that are not polarized.

In other words, no North and South. Just pure magnetic energy.


What this says is that geomagnetic outflows occur as non-polarized vortex of pure magnetic energy...SS

- Web/Page 15.htm

Earth´s Normal Magnetic Field chart shows normal magnetic field intensity. Web/Page 21.htm

Schumann Resonance Normal before magnetic surge event.. Web/Page 16.htm

Sudden Magnetic Impulse Begins magnetic field during geomagnetic outflow in process Web/Page 17.htm

Sudden Magnetic Impulse Begins magnetic field during geomagnetic outflow in process seen in full Web/Page 21.htm

Schumann Resonance Amplification during peak of magnetic surge...


Here we see that a Geomagnetic Outflow not only amplifies the schumann resonance but also affects the Earth´s Magnetic Field! -SS

Now let us consider the Gravity Wave that was detected, a few links for a little bit of info:


How Gravitational Waves Lead to Space-Time Ripples: Gravitational radiation causes a strain on the fabric of space-time transverse to (i.e., extending across) the direction in which its waves are propagated. As they strike, say, the Earth, the waves will stretch the fabric in one direction, while along another, they compress it.

Gravitational Waves: Einstein´s Elusive Children Gravitational waves are distortions or the warping of the very fabric of space-time, which Einstein described as different aspects of reality itself. As a fabric, space-time can be measured - either in terms of distance or time. However, large amounts of mass or energy - think here of the incredibly dense core of an exploded star known as a neutron star - can curve space-time, resulting in the warping of the fabric which can be observed as gravitational shifts. When massive objects - think now not of one but two neutron stars, each orbiting the other - move, the resultant curvature can ripple the space-time fabric, propagating waves outward like those produced by a stone cast into a quiet pond. These waves, however, travel at the speed of light.


So now we have a Geomagnetic Outflow that intensifies the Schumann Resonance and the Earth´s Magnetic Field.

The Geomagnetic Outflow in the Northern Pacific likely has intensified the Schumann Resonance which vibates at the same frequency as the human mind in Alpha State. The mind is a "Scalar Potential" vibrating in the "Zero Point Vaccuum" also called "Time Domain". A Gravity Wave is a Time Wave. If there is a change in the frequency of the Schumann Resonance during this event, then the Speed of Light will also have changed. The Speed of Light is now known not to be constant. -SS

We are not done yet, now let us look at the power blackouts:

-- Web/Page 8.htm

Power Lines Radiation One nemesis researchers face is 60 Hz. power line noise. At low frequencies it interferes with sensitive equipment. Many people have speculated as to power line radiation propagating on a global basis, the same as a radio transmission. The answer is yes. Below you will see a spectra sent to me from a friend in Italy. Italy and Europe use 50Hz. for power generation verses 60Hz. used here in the states. In the spectras we can see not only the very strong signature of 50Hz. in Italy but also 60Hz. after it traveled from the US to Italy. Easy to see why if you consider the miles upon miles of power lines we have strung across North America. You have one massive antenna radiating 60Hz. into the atmosphere.


Considering that this Core Spike can effect not only the Magnetosphere but also the Schumann Resonance, it is likely that it also was the cause of the blackouts.

The Schumann Resonance is calculated by the the Speed of Light and the size of the earth, therefore any change in frequency of the schumann resonance would require a change in the Speed of Light. The Speed of Light IS NOT CONSTANT, this is proven fact and I do have an article or two archived regarding this.

The Geomagnetic Outflow which occurred in the North Pacific was much much larger than anything Sedona has ever produced. That was a VERY SERIOUSLY LARGER outflow and its effects on the Magnetic Field and Schumann Resonance would have been much much larger than anything see at Sedona as well.

Someone looking for a Core Spike, there it is, pretty obvious IMO.