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Date: 9/28/01 7:30:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Subj:    [CSETI_Announcements] Disclosure and 9/11   
Date:    9/28/2001 12:50:43 AM Mountain Daylight Time   



As we mourn the tragic loss of precious life on September 11, and as we
all pray for justice and peace in the world, let us also rededicate our
lives to the task of creating a world in which those atrocious and evil
acts can never be repeated. Let us pray for the world and our nation and
ask that Providence guide our leaders and protect our soldiers as we
unite to create a safe and just world.

Having lived in the Middle East for 3 years, during which time I saw
first hand the madness and horror of terrorism, I have no illusions
about the scale of the problem we are facing: Those who live in the
utmost bigotry, religious fanaticism and evil, bloodthirsty hatred are
seldom reached by reason.  Those few rabid dogs who threaten the whole
of humanity must be restrained, and if necessary put down.

But we must distinguish between short-term remedies, however necessary,
and long-term cures.  To avert an even graver cataclysm, great care must
be taken, and we need to look deeply at the larger causes of the
sickness that visited New York and Washington on 9/11.

I have been asked what relation the Disclosure Project may have to the
healing of this consuming and potentially lethal illness that has
afflicted humanity in this, the millennium of peace.  Is the Disclosure
Project relevant in this new world?

Yes, more than ever.

For nearly 10 years we have been meeting with senior CIA, Pentagon and
political figures, advocating a general disclosure on so-called UFOs,
Extraterrestrial Intelligence and related energy and propulsion systems
currently held by illegal, 'classified' projects. These projects,
unsupervised by the Congress or President, are illegal, rogue, shadowy
operations that are a direct threat to both short term and long-term
national and world security concerns. Their 'black' funding status
deprives genuine security, intelligence and military programs of much
needed support and technological resources.  And they are withholding
from valid, legal projects the new technologies that could both prevent
and intercept the catastrophe of 9/11.

The valid, true, legal government of We The People is deprived of both
technologies and funding that could have prevented the massive national
security and intelligence failure that led to the events of 9/11. While
conventional and legal programs are starved for staffing and new
technologies, clandestine and rogue black projects are awash in upwards
of $100 Billion per year.  Largely privatized, these operations have
both the means and the technologies to have prevented 9/11. And yet they
did nothing.
Why? Because they do not exist.  Consider these words of Sen. Inouye:
"There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy,
its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas
of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free
from the law itself."

In the unacknowledged world of such projects (see the book 'Disclosure'
by this author) there exist the technologies to monitor, intercept and
penetrate the terrorist cells of Osama bin Laden and others. But this is
a case of not just the left hand not knowing what the right hand is
doing: the left hand does not even know the right hand exists.

Such 'shadowy' projects hide within the vast bureaucracy of government,
military intelligence, corporate, laboratory and institute operations in
the U.S. and abroad - compartmented away from the public, the Congress
and usually even the President, CIA Director and Secretary of Defense.
The Disclosure Project has penetrated these projects, obtained
testimony, code names and facility locations. The illegal nature of such
projects, their highly compartmented nature and their large financial
resources prevents normal oversight and control by the government of the
people.  They are able to avoid detection, work in compartmented cells
funded by clandestine sources and evade interception by even skilled
investigators in the Congress, Department of Defense and CIA. Indeed,
their modus operandi are not dissimilar from the very terrorist cells we
are trying to penetrate and neutralize.

Let no one interpret this as an indictment of 'The Government', 'The
CIA', 'The Pentagon' etc. On the contrary, the point is that the
conventional, legal government, military and intelligence community are
for the most part the first victims of these operations, not the
perpetrators.  In fact, in meetings with the head of Intelligence for
the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J-2), the head of the Defense Intelligence
Agency (DIA) and the Director  of  the CIA, I have learned first hand of
their frustration and horror at the unchecked power of these rogue
operations that undermine our security and make a mockery of the rule of
law and the constitution, as Sen. Inouye correctly observed. I am sure
99%+ of the conventional government, military and intelligence community
are not only denied access to these projects, but are victimized,
blind-sided and hindered by them.

In short, The Disclosure Project stands ready to provide Congressional
and other government investigators with the insider witnesses who can
expose these operations and put them back under the control of the
legitimate government - where they can do the people some good. I have
little doubt that such projects possess - and are withholding from the
legal government - the means to prevent another 9/11.

Beyond this, in 1994 Dick D'Amato, then senior counsel to the Senate
Appropriations Committee, told me personally  that with a subpoena power
and a top secret clearance, he could not penetrate such rogue projects -
and that somewhere between $40 billion and $80 billion per year were
going into such unsupervised operations. And that was in 1994 dollars!
In the zero sum game of government budgets, this means today upwards of
$100 billion per year is being siphoned off into operations of dubious
value, which do not benefit - and may erode - our national security.

The operational readiness and competence of our intelligence and
military community are being undermined by such 'shadowy' projects - and
yet after 10 years of meetings with our leaders in Washington, at the
U.N. and in other countries, we still see that nothing is being done
about it.  We the people, the media and the armed services must demand a
change, before it is really too late. Our government, our nation, the
people and our courageous men and women in the military and intelligence
community need and deserve better. We must stand-down these rogue
projects and give back to the people and the people's representatives
the means to protect and defend our nation and the civilized world.

But these near-term concerns, though grave, are subordinate to a larger,
more fundamental problem: Clandestine projects, largely privatized in
the contracting sector of shadowy corporate/government operations, are
withholding from the public the definitive cure for the underlying
illness: Oil.

We have hundreds of witnesses whose testimony, government documents and
related evidence will prove that UFOs exist - and that some of them are
made by humans using extraordinary breakthroughs in physics, energy
generation and propulsion.  In short, the technologies needed to replace
the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels already exist in these
clandestine projects - projects that we the people have paid for.

 Make no mistake about it: We have not needed oil, and especially
Mid-east oil, for decades, and we can prove it. And yet the cornerstone
of our foreign policy and presence in that troubled region has been
directed at securing cheap, abundant and reliable supplies of oil.
Again, the conventional government, diplomats, Congressional leaders and
so forth are completely unaware of the existence of these new energy and
propulsion systems. So they blindly pursue policies to ensure the
continued safe supply of that noxious stuff that runs the entire western
economy.  Unaware of these clandestine projects- projects that hide
behind a bogus claim of national security- our leaders do the best they
can, with both hands tied behind their backs and a blindfold over both

This is not to excuse in any way the evil, monstrous and inhuman acts of
Osama bin Laden or others of his ilk.  There can be no rationalizing
such horrific deeds. But we can understand it: Why him, why us, why now:

Fanatics like bin Laden are hell-bent on running America out of the
Middle East because they view our presence there as a virtual invasion
of their land, culture and values. They view us as an imperial power
colonizing their region in order to secure cheap oil, and it is
resented.  To a lesser extent, they are concerned about our support for
Israel, but bin Laden himself has made it very clear in numerous
speeches that their main concern is getting the US out of Saudi Arabia,
the land containing the most holy sites in the Islamic world.  For
decades, our foreign and military policy- whether in Saudi Arabia, Iraq,
Iran or elsewhere- has been driven by our strategic oil and energy

 As we learned on 9/11, the price of oil has been much higher than we

While never condoning the evil deeds of bin Laden et al, we must
recognize that such malevolence does not evolve in a vacuum.  The milieu
that gave rise to such atrocities must be understood and corrected.

The good news is that the Disclosure Project can prove that we have a
replacement for oil, coal and conventional energy.  In a decade we could
reach energy independence: bin Laden et al may keep their oil, for we
will not need it.

 For 50 years, America and the world have had their destiny hijacked by
rogue, shadowy projects that have abused the national security act to
suppress these energy and propulsion systems.  Our foreign policy, oil
and energy policy and environmental policy have all been driven by what
is hidden in clandestine projects. Our leaders, scientists, policy
makers and the people have not known that the definitive solution to the
world's energy, environmental and poverty problems have been stolen from
us.  It is time we take them back.

Things called UFOs have been seen for decades. What are they, where are
they from, how do they work. In these answers lie the solution to the
world geo-political crisis, third world poverty, oil, pollution and many
other pressing concerns.  We have the answers. Is anybody listening?

The events of 9/11 are truly tragic: they were preventable.
Operationally, we could have and should have intercepted that mission of
terror - if only our good and courageous men and women in the military
and intelligence world had the resources stolen by rogue projects. And
the root cause of the problem - our oil policy and dominant presence in
the Middle East- is a problem of our own making. We have allowed these
'shadowy' projects to grow and they have taken from us the definitive
solution to the oil and energy crisis.

 An old Chinese saying states that 'Unless we change directions, we are
likely to end up where we are going...'. As we look at where we are going,
can anyone question that we must change directions - and soon?

 The Disclosure Project is dedicated to bringing forth the information
and top-secret government witnesses so that these rogue programs are
returned to the government of the people. We are dedicated to disclosing
these energy and propulsion systems that will give us the means to
become energy independent. This is a tide that will lift all boats. This
is the beginning of a new chapter in human history.

So as we remember those fallen on 9/11, let us see through our tears to
a course of action. Let our actions be our remembrance. Let our actions
bring forth the means for opening a new chapter in human history - one
of abundance, justice, equality and peace.  All that we need has been
given - and again stolen - from us. Do we have the courage to bring it

The day those terrible events occurred in New York and Washington, I
vowed that we must redouble our efforts to disclose the truth. And more:
to start a project to disclose and build those new energy and propulsion
technologies to forever replace our need for oil.  Please join us if you
can help. Our actions to build the world anew will be the most fitting
memorial to those innocents who left this world on 9/11.

Steven M. Greer  MD
Director, The Disclosure Project
September 27, 2001
Albemarle County, Virginia

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