Subj: "Crusher Fields" assessed
Date: 2/2/02 5:14:48 AM Pacific Standard Time

Here's an interesting assessment of bodily sensations which signal -- to those sensitive to them -- electromagnetic changes, and it is done by a person who is trying to investigate/measure just what the heck is going on to cause them. I found it pretty interesting. It could well be that many others experience similar symptoms but attribute them to other "causes." Perhaps if we did not "rush to judgment" about such sensations, we'd discover we are far more attuned to Mother Nature than we previously thought. Just thought you should see this.
Date: February 02, 2002 at 02:20:21
From: Ðïg¡talÐave GA,
Subject: Crusher Field. Kinetic Atmospheric Impact.


Here's the long response, but I think it'll answer a lot of questions about the "Crusher Field". It's been a while since I've discussed it, so I'm updating the whole 9-yards just in case anyone's interested in what I've learned during the preceding year.

The phrase "Crusher Field", by the way, was coined by John Kettler and describes what I first reported February 27, 2001, the day prior to the Nisqually, WA earthquake. That experience was so extraordinary I can't possibly do it justice, but suffice to say, it was the most bizarre experience I've ever had. Lesser versions of it still occasionally happen, but not nearly so often as it did then and during the month of March 2001.

The word "Crusher" describes the most prominent effect, which is very similar to continuous g-force acceleration. The experience includes directional force that from my experience often has a downward and east to southeastward component. At its very strongest it's literally immobilizing.

Intense experiences can also be accompanied by very strong static electric fields powerful enough to raise hairs on the body. It can cause extreme eye tearing and sensations of intense inner ear and skull pressure. The effect is most pronounced when the body is mostly parallel to and slightly elevated above the surface with the upper torso and head slightly inclined. I've felt it strongly while driving but seldom while standing. The effect lasts anywhere from a few seconds to tens of minutes and progresses along a bell curve of intensity. A strong "pre-Crusher" often heralds in an even stronger "mega-Crusher" about two hours later.

My investigation into the cause has been limited by having to wait for it to happen then being prepared to study it when it does. On about a dozen occasions I've managed to study it in enough detail that I now believe I have a fairly well developed understanding of the phenomena.

I've primarily focused on measuring three aspects including atmospheric electrical charge, vertical atmospheric pressure velocity, and gamma-wave monitoring. I found casual relationships with all and conclusive relationships with atmospheric velocity. It appears that the effect is due to very large-scale atmospheric disturbances analogous to dribbling an enormous basketball on earth's upper atmosphere. The total atmospheric volume remains unchanged, but the pressure velocity rapidly modulates causing very abrupt and rapidly repeating disturbances within a migrating vertical atmospheric gradient.

I'm not a physician, so take this as you wish, but I believe the physiology aspects are due to two principle causes. The sense of directional force appears to result from the rapid bi-directional oscillation of the atmosphere, whereas the internal pressure is due to inability to equalize body pressure due to the rapidly cyclical pressure variation.

At the onset of the effect I believe the body, and especially the inner ear and cranium, are progressively pressurized above the net atmospheric pressure leading to a literal increase in cranial pressure. Once the equalization completes the effect remains constant so long as the atmospheric pressure oscillation remains constant. On the waning side the internal body pressure slowly equalizes downward until it's slightly above the net atmospheric pressure. This is when eye tearing and the sensation of air escaping from the ears occurs.

During extreme oscillation events, it's very likely that the cranial pressure would periodically develop a partial negative pressure exposing the brain by to containment. I believe this, in part, accounts for inexplicable outbreaks of illness reported in advance of large earthquakes. The effects probably wouldn't be limited to affected area though, because the pressure oscillations would transit the planet as a decaying wave encountering natural harmonics and oreographic disturbances leading to possible standing waves.

Another very important aspect of this pressure oscillation is that it would have enormous effect on the earth causing rapid fluid pressure oscillation leading to the possible displacement or deformation of the otherwise stable surfaces. Frictional forces might well play a role too, possibly leading to anomalous heating or cooling, but that's not an aspect I've studied as of yet. If an actual large displacement did occur though, it'd very likely create new pressure disturbances that would propagate and harmonically combine with the originally wave, leading to a slowly decaying chain of widely dispersed effects.

The most intriguing question in my mind is not if this occurs, because I believe it does, but rather where does the energy precipitating these events originate? Is it from within the planet, within the atmosphere, within space, or some combination of all and something else? I'm somewhat leaning toward interstellar sources causing magnetic disturbances producing atmospheric deflection. That's one of several reasons I'm measuring gamma-waves.
Forgot to add that an intense (boarding on scary) "Crusher Field" is a very definite precursor to major earth events, usually within less than 24 hours. I haven't found it useful in determining locations but the intensity is a measure of the ultimate magnitude of the future earthquake(s) or eruption(s) although it always implies very serious events. Locating where it'll occur is more problematic because the Crusher doesn't discriminate for distance and can be just as strong for a future event halfway around the globe as one relatively nearby. Ear tones, both background and transient tones, are the only way I've found to locate the area.

Ðïg¡talÐave in GA