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Date: 2/5/04 6:10:19 PM Pacific Standard Time

Fossils on Mars?

Here is a quote from my site

and here is a detail on the "pincer-like" apparatus.

Thanx for looking this over, let's pursue this line, we are onto something...

"One of the things I have seen repeatedly on buildings, forts, ships, art pieces, gardens and more is this pincer-like device. From the size of your fingers to the size of Mastadon tusks these babies are all over MARS ! See the photos in my collection por favor. They come together at the end, like a crabs claw (pincer). Some of the Statues had them, (arms?) and the design is over almost every fort or house found on MARS (And yes, there are strong indicators of living quarters on MARS. Do more homework on this mate. See for yourself.) These Pincers appear to be fossils, large remnants of beast bygone. Are these the remains of those aquatic denizens both large and small of an earlier MARS ? When MARS had vast seas and oceans. Or are they ? Do they represent something more like a Christian Cross or the Moon and Star of Islam, etc..? This symbol of the crab claw pincer and the ever present faces can tell us much about MARS. In your own studies I challenge you to find these ever present, shiny, whitish colored, double tusk things. (Looks like an earwigs butt). I've even found this design on a carving, it is within a circle, it has a straight shaft, pincer device is on top, double cross arms (Like a Christian cross but with a second, shorter crosspiece). A double cross, with a set of pincers on top...bizarre. See the pictures in my collection. I know, I know, Lovecraftian, crab-like beings with pincers and all the rest. I am already ahead of ya on this one, and you know what ? It's beginning to look like old H.P Lovecraft may have had some of that "Jules Verne" like ability that some writers possess, which allows them to almost predict the future things a hundred years or more in advance--Veo


Date: 2/5/04 7:38:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, I'm a regular visitor of your site, just thought I should comment on the oddities at the Opportunity landing site;

The Burrows pic are technically footprints of the landing craft. You know the craft's landing system is a cocoon of balloons, so those are the impressions of the balloons in soil. If you scroll around the pic you can see that they sort of roll around till they settle around the camera.

As for the Critter pic, look around the crater some more, there's other pieces of debris probably from the craft, including a piece in the lower right that has blue and foil on it, signs that it came from the craft. As for a lot of the rocks in various pics I've seen on this site and others, you really can't tell much from them; holes in rocks can be produced many ways, especially in natural ways like geodes. Also, most of the rocks at the Spirit site are wind blown, so they have interesting shapes.

Also remember, Mars is covered with meteorites, which are metallic and come in wierd shapes. The thin atmosphere has some protection but quite a few are getting to the surface. On earth, a meteor landing the pacific northwest or northeast would turn to soil in a year. On mars you dont have the moisture to erode them easily.


Date: 2/6/04 3:04:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent

about the 'burrows' pic you've's OBVIOUSLY the round marks of the landing balloons showing there, but IF that's a critter (I sent you previously a good enlargement of it) THAN these could be the burrows, on the side of Opportunity crater, number of the NASA pic on file's name.

Quality and contrast's so poor that it's difficult to determine truely if those are stones or real holes... but one can see clearly paths and tracks in front of them...

Anyway, the by now famous layered white rocks around have plenty of very deep going holes in them... we've to wait for closer shots.

keep up the great work


Capturing Critters?
Mars Rover Picks Up The Strange Object

Subj: Rover picks up the Critter?

Date: 2/7/04 11:26:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hmmm. Don't know if this is the same object. If so, must be looking at it from the bottom.

Date: 2/6/04 10:31:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Those round impressions on Mars are possibly the marks made as the rover bounced on landing.