9/13/2005 8:09:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

Ich, the Black Prince, Dien the Red Dragon

(I, the Black Prince, serve the Red Dragon)

The Black Prince was a heroic military leader who defeated the French

several times when greatly outnumbered. His most spectacular victory was

when he lured the French army onto the coastal tidal plain. When the Black

Prince reached high ground he turned and repulsed the French who were

drowned enmass by the incoming tide. The Black Prince died young.

I don't know what was meant by "the Red Dragon".

The three Edwards descend from King Henry II,who was depicted by Peter

O'Toole and his Queen,Eleanor of Aquitaine,was played by Katherine Hepburn.

Their two sons were Richard the Lionheart and bad King John[who inspired the

imposition of the Magna Carta].

King Edward I was the king depicted in the movie "Braveheart". The

sniviling son was the king to be,Edward II,a homosexual who was murdered by

thrusting a redhot firepoker up his rear. His boyfriend,Piers deGaveston,was

drawn & quartered.

King Henry II descended from William the Conquerer who conquered England in

one day. William the Conquerer descended from the viking Rollo,the first

Duke of Normandy. Another side of Henry II's family was Fulk le Strange.

Fulk's grandmother was considered so evil that when the family drug her to

church and she was doused with holy water,she vanished in a puff of smoke

that smelled of brimstone.

All the above is from the series of books by John Costain.