8/24/04 3:28:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Kent,

I recently read a description, could have even been on your own website, how you could easily create a complex geometric pattern on your computer in the comfort of your own home and then plug in your GPS handheld navigator and download into your portable handheld GPS. You could then go out into the middle of a field at night in the pitch dark and create a crop circle using the GPS to guide you.  As most have an illuminated display and about 16 hours battery life, no light would be necessary to see by.(And you can keep changing batteries of course without losing any data.) The success and quality of your results are totally dependant on the accuracy of the GPS. Some are accurate to the nearest 40 feet. More expensive ones get you within 5 feet accuracy.

Is that accurate enough?

Taking this a stage further, it must therefore be possible to upload this info to an overhead satellite.  If your position can be determined within 5 feet from a satellite, then I am sure a laser beam could be projected from space into a cornfield to create a fancy pattern just like you see in nightclubs, Rock Festivals, or even onto overhead clouds. They still use a laser that bounces off a mirror left on the moon by the astronauts to measure its distance from us. That shows that distance is not a problem. The only question left is where can you get a laser that bends corn??  Investigators of crop circles claim that Microwaves are at work in some cases which might be a clue.

From a military point of view a laser that can mow down, with precisely pinpoint accuracy, a track through a cornfield is a fancy piece of kit to have. Probably being used on its lowest power setting.  What better way to test out your latest weapon practising fancy patterns in some unsuspecting farmer’s cornfield.  The longer you can keep the blame attached to UFO’s, the longer their secret is safe from public gaze.  (All pure speculation, of course).

Many thanks,