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Date: 9/8/01 8:56:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Rebecca & Bill Nelson)

It's hard to find wisdom about a topic that most other people know more about, but I tried to soak up wisdom like a sponge as I searched.  Below are the links that caught my eye, separated by equal signs.

===== Abusir monolith story:
Article about Abusir:
Find Nov. 1998 issue of National Geographic (vol. 3, #5)

Apollo 10 and the Monolith story:

Secret space station idea is mentioned here by Boylan:
...which makes me think: all right!  Just contact Richard Boylan and ask him about monoliths.  Just go to

Zoser (Djoser) complex at Saqqara:

...hmm...wait a  minute...Here's something:

Above link mentions this Tyreis = Zoser... idea!
22. Pharaoh Tyreis = Zoser = Djoser = Tyreis = Arc-TURUS (Boötes) = Biblical Abraham (takes his name from constellation at the end of his rule)

Djoser photos at Saqqara (awesome use of thumbnails):

Odd glyphs from Djoser pyramid (worth a look):
...glyphs photo is from this link:

Djoser/Sakkara page in Dutch (maybe photos are valuable):

Djoser's mentioned with Biblical stuff here... lots of reading to comprehend here:

Neat-O graphic: The Visible Imhotep! (bones/muscle; from ILM)

Imhotep stone-signature with Zoser/Saqqara photos (PHOTOS galore):

Sounds promising: Imhotep explained:

Discovery Channel must have an English version of this Imhotep video:

In conclusion: I'm not sure.  Perhaps some event unfolding now has a biblical reference to it?  Maybe the tiny group at can help us, since I think one guy is in Egypt right now.  Speaking of which... they had some intruguing ideas!
======= VOY.COM/17011's ideas:
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Ground shot of Sphinx looking up - Hall of Records marker?  Oh they're right: I haven't seen this angle shot of the Sphinx!

Thutmosis stela: why are there 2 sphinxes?
   Another version of the dual-sphinx stela is here:

Yeah, Kent: why are there TWO sphinxes in that Thutmosis stela?  One to represent the sky and one for the physical Earth sphinx?  Or were there TWO sphinxes?