look at the bulk speed graph (bottom blue chart)

What would cause this to jump so much? 
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  the solar wind looks like we are getting a small mag storm but we havn't had any CME that I know of have we?
BARDSQUILL:  dunno, we getting reports of massive gamma radiation from somewheres
BARDSQUILL:  but it doesn't appear to be solar, go figure!
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  so do you think we be doomed pretty freaky no spray here again today even saw airliners without any trailing at all
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  were are you looking for gamma?
BARDSQUILL:  Private reports:
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  ok thanks just wanted to catch up.. wow
BARDSQUILL:  wondering if a wormhole outburst is washing us now.
BARDSQUILL:  Outburst of the Galactic microquasar V4641 SgrV4641 Sgr outburst!!!
BARDSQUILL:  closest black hole
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  yes read that - I thought they said it couldn't reach us?
BARDSQUILL:  ain't cosmic stuff awezome?
BARDSQUILL:  well that's only one theory, here's another
BARDSQUILL:  The gamma reports I referred to were made on the 13th....
BARDSQUILL:  from detectors in Georgia
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  yeah I caught that but I can't figure solar wind readings like that without a flare or CME - also the auroral readings are up 
BARDSQUILL:  Now lookee here
RESEARCHER MESSAGE:  you think they stopped spraying to search for plane?
BARDSQUILL:  too early to discern what th heck is going on, still have your solar anomalies to account for.