The WWW also went wild and stated: (SKY WATCH) "What are they trying

to do...Blow up the SUN"??...I had just Joined the "NET" at the time

and took it upon myself to give a "Scientific" explanation of WHAT

had happened and WHY as well. The WHY was the above history; the WHAT

dated back to 1951 at Berkeley...Dr Pauling, the Nobel Laureate at

Berkeley (My Chemistry GURU) had been doing "end-of-Elemental

relationsships" with the newly installed Cyclotron. TWO NEW ELEMENTS

were discovered: They were called "COSMIUM" (as it, being the "end-of

line" element. discharged "Cosmic Particles", (that also

disintegrated everything in their path) and the next EOL was one

named ISOLIUM. (able to STORE ELECTRONS as does a "capacitor", only

beyond imagination) Each had a 300 year "half-life". We made a

Self-powered" PNP Tansistor from Cm, Is, and Pb. It was capable of

1KW of pwr for the entire half life at 150 VDC output. (in a Lipstick

tube yet) The battery we made was the size of a PEA for the same

spec's! The NEW Elements have since been renamed: Berkelium, and

Californium. The project being BEYOND TOP SECRET (and still is)

proved to be the deterrent that stopped Kruschev in 1962 in CUBA as

we had made a PLANET-BUSTING BOMB from the newly discovered elements.

"NATURALLY????" Sheeesh. NOW that took imagination...wot???