Subj: Bill Cooper
Date: 11/13/01 6:39:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman
I live in St. Johns and found your story of Bill Cooper's death, here in
Springerville. I've known and seen Cooper many moons ago...but never
took serious his NWO...I didn't know he lived right here until I heard
about the shooting. What your story not the truth! Mr. Cooper
was a very paranoid man! Not a Patriot!!! A Militant...Who was pulling
his gun out on ranchers saying they were on his property...which they
weren't! There was no CIA/Black Opt....NO MIBs...these were your simple
John Wayne (wanta be's) serving a warrant of aggravated assault! That
Mr. Cooper fired upon...creating his own demise!! That anyone would
create using a gun on a policemen!! I don't believe in NWO...and there
are lots of militants in our area stockpiling guns for the Big Take Over
of the Gov't!!! I don't get it...because it seems to me...they already
have it!!!
Also Cooper was not taken off the air!! The Radio show Host had run out
of money to pay for his air time...It was the Show that was turned off
not Mr. Cooper...spreading propaganda that NWO was the cause is just
plain Bullshit!!! It makes one wonder whether or not one should believe
anymore in what anyone else says is true.  Cooper has been saying the
same story about being killed for 20 years. I guess you could say he
finally found the Fight he was looking for...but the person he shot was
just a Bumpkin sheriff!!
You might want to change your it puts you and the rest of
us UFO people in a bad light...If Cooper is the example of what we are
As Always