Subj: IUFO NEWS: Cooper Is No More.
Date: 11/8/01 8:00:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:    johnfwin

Subject:  Cooper Is No More.                        Nov. 8.  2001.

  I met Bill Cooper over at a UFO convention a few years back in
San Mateo.  He had just given a lecture and was seated in a chair
in a Bar while he was talking to a few interested people.  I asked
for permission to video tape the things he was saying to the
people llstening to him.  He said I couldn't do this because in the
past people had video taped him and then took piceces of what he
had said out of context and uesed it against him.  He allowed me
to listen without my video camera turned on. 

  He next made some comment about the fact that he thought that the
people who believe in UFO in that Conventions were a bunch of
idiots.  He then withdrew what he had said by sayoing that the
people there had paid their hard earned money to hear him speak
so he should at least have show them some respect.  Bill was even
more paronoid thaa I am and that really saying something about
a person.  I've read and posted about everything Bill ever put in
print. I even bought and read his book "Behold A Pale Horse".  I
found it to be a pretty good book.  Bill would attack, in words,
about every UFO researcher that he ever came in contact with him.
  I liked Bill and I'm about the same size as he is and wear the
same type clothing.  I think somewhere Bill once said that he
had been run over by a big bl-ck car and was warned that If he
didn't quite saying what he was saying they would do it again.
He didn't quite talking and they run over him again and I think
he received some perminent injury.  He bragged that they would
have to get him in his home and he would not give up alive, so now
he's gone.  Here are several accounts of the incident that
took his life.



From: D
  This is a dark day, indeed. While many think of "Wild Bill" as
crazy, I had a respect for him. Here is his Veritas website:
  Please note the questions that are being raised (at the end of
this e-mail).
  This is not going out to my entire list, but to a select few who
may appreciate getting this.  I have not been able to independently
verify this, but I have a feeling its true.  You may recall that Bill
Cooper first captured national attention with his revelations about
the presence of Space Aliens among us.  He conducted stake-outs of
Area 51 for a number of years.
  Some time later he formed the Cons-itutional Party.  In the last
few years he as been publishing the Ver-tas newspaper and holding
forth on short wave radio.  More than a few people are going to
miss him.


  Eager, AZ  --  Short-wave radio talk show host William "Bill"
Cooper was shot dead last night during a gun battle with Sheriff's
Deputies.  According to Detective Frank Valenzuela of the Arizona
Department of Public Safety, the shooting took place at 11:40 PM
outside of Cooper's home at 96 North Clearview Circle, Eager, AZ.
  Det. Valenzuela stated that Deputies from the Apache County
Sheriff's Department were attempting to serve an arrest warrant upon
Mr. Cooper.  The Warrant, issued by the Round Valley Judicial
Precinct in Springerville, AZ charged Cooper with one Count of
Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon, and two Counts of
"Endangerment."  The Warrant was issued on August 29, 2001 for an
incident which allegedly took place on July 11, 2001.  The Court
Case Number on the Warrant is CR-01-0310.  Neither Valenzuela, nor
the Apache County Attorney's Office would reveal the name of the
alleged victim(s).  They did say the complaint was signed by
Detective Paul Kirkum of the Eager, AZ Sheriff's Dept.
  According to Valenzuela, Police had intelligence that Cooper had
a large quantity of weapons in his home, and possibly explosives. 
Valenzuela also said the police knew that during his radio show
on WBCQ, Cooper repeatedly stated that he "would kill any law
enforcement officers that tried to take him."  As such, the
Sheriff's Department wanted to arrest Cooper away from his home,
so as to minimize the possibility of  armed conflict.
  According to Police, Cooper lived on a hilltop over looking
several undeveloped areas and other homes below.  Despite not
owning the land below his home, Cooper was known to chase
teenagers or young lovers off the land and Police decided to use
this to lure Cooper away from his home.  Det. Valenzuela stated that
two undercover Sheriff's Deputies were sent in a pick-up truck to
the area below Cooper's home.  There were also two uniformed
Deputies in the bed of the pick-up. As expected, Cooper drove down
to that area from his home and told the two undercover Deputies to
  But Cooper left and drove away toward his home before the
undercover deputies could do anything.  While on his way back up
the hill, a fully marked Sheriff's patrol vehicle blocked the road
(1) in front of Cooper.  Uniformed members of the Sheriff's
Department SWAT Team (2) exited that marked vehicle and told Cooper
to stop, keep his hands where they could see them and exit the
vehicle.  They say Cooper placed one hand outside his window, then
accelerated around the police car, trying to run over a Sheriff
Sergeant.  Police gave brief chase to Cooper's home.
  Police say Cooper exited his vehicle, drew a handgun and began
firing at Deputies as he ran toward his house. One Deputy Sheriff
was struck at least once and possibly twice in the head. (3) Another
Deputy returned fire, hitting Cooper several times.
  The wounded Deputy was evacuated by Helicopter to a hospital in
Phoenix.  Cooper was pronounced dead at the scene by Paramedics who
were at the scene standing-by (4).
  The following questions arise from this incident:
  (1)  Cooper would have had to pass the marked Police patrol Vehicle
while going down the hill.  Why would he do so without seeing it
and fleeing?
  Further, how could he drive around it once it came onto the road
while Cooper was enroute back to his home?
  (2) If Police intended a peaceful, non-violent arrest, why send a
SWAT Team?
  (3) If Cooper drew a gun and fired "while running back toward his
home" as police say, how could he hit a Deputy once and possibly
twice in the head?
  A head-shot is a difficult thing to accomplish with a hand gun,
never mind two head shots while the shooter is running!
  (4) Why were Paramedics "on the scene standing-by" if Sheriffs
intended this to be a peaceful arrest?
  These questions make The Hal Turner Show wonder if Bill Cooper
was set-up to be gunned down, or just a victim of his own big mouth
and prudent police planning?  We pray for the soul of Mr. Cooper,
and for the life of the Deputy shot in the head.


  From: D
  (Go here to view the graphics: )
by William Cooper
  Copyright ) 1997 William Cooper All Rights Reserved

JW  Here are the things that Bill was saying that got him in
trouble.  Some of it I don't agree with.

    V-ritas News Service - The following is fact. It is not a theory
it is a genuine conspi-acy. I witnessed the Top Sec-et/Majic
documents from which this information is excerpted while a member of
the United St-tes N-vy attached to the Intelligence Briefing Team of
Admiral Bernard Cl-rey, Commander in Chief of the United St-tes
Pacific Fleet.
  I certify that the following information is true and correct to the
best of my memory and the research that I have accomplished. I will
swear to it in any court of Law.
  I can produce the names of approximately 38 U.S. N-vy officers and
enlisted men who witnessed these documents while in the service of
their country. I can produce the names of approximately 8 people
involved in the UFO deception who have witnessed these documents. I
can produce the names of approximately 80 others whom I suspect have
witnessed these same documents. I will not reveal the names except
in a court of Law that is willing to prosecute the People and
organizations involved in the con-piracy to overthrow the go-ernment
of the United Sta-es of A-merica to bring about a soc-alist
totalitarian world gov-rnment.
  For many years I sincerely believed that an extraterrestrial
threat existed and that it was the most important driving force
behind world events. I was wrong and for that I most deeply and
humbly apologize.
  Many years ago I had access to a set of documents that I
eventually realized was the plan for the destruction of the United
Sta-es of Am-rica and the formation of a so-ialist totalitarian
world go-ernment. The plan was contained within a set of Top
Sec-et documents with the title "MAJE-TYTWELVE". There was no space
between majesty and twelve. The term honored the planned placement
of ultimate power in a body of wise men who are destined to rule
the world as the disciples of a Mes-iah front man. This Messi-h
will serve as a buffer between the wise men and the sheople. I
discovered these documents between 1970 and 1973 while I was a
member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in
Chief of the United S-ates Pacific Fleet.
  M-JESTYTWELVE was in a tall thin font style... imagine the title
squeezed together between the M and E with all of the letters
stretched vertically. The key to access was a Top Se-ret (Q) (SCI)
se-rity clearance with the compartmentalization of "M-IC" (not
magic). I cannot remember the exact font except that it is a tall
thin version of San Serif... the exact name escapes me after all
these years... but it is a key to access.
  The plan outlined the formation of a world totalitarian soc-alist
gove-nment.  It is to be ruled by a behind-the-scenes council of
wise men. A so-called benevolent dictator, will be presented as
the Messiah.
  The Cons-itution for the United St-tes of Ame-ica and its Bill
of Rights will be scrapped. A parliamentary form of go-ernment
will take its place. All m-litary forces and individuals are to
be disarmed except for an internal po-ice force which will carry
only the minimum weapons needed to maintain internal order.
  "When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical
Con-titution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount
of individual freedom to Am-ricans... And so a lot of people say
there's too much personal freedom. 
  When personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit
it.  That's what we did in the announcement I made last weekend on
the public housing projects, about how we're going to have weapon
sweeps and more things like that to try to make people safer in their
communities." President Bill Cl-nton, 3-22-94, MTV
  "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of
ordinary Americans ..." Bill Cli-ton  (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993,
page 2A)

Part 1.

Part 2 of 2.


  The only mil-tary force will be a world p-lice force under the
Uni-ed Nations in sufficient numbers with state-of-the-art technology
so that it can field overwhelming force against any perceived
threat to the world supra gov-rnment - see State Dep-rtment
Publication 7277. The mi-itary of the United Stat-s of Am-rica is
currently filling the requirement. The senior officer corps of all
of our mil-tary forces have betrayed their oaths of allegiance to the
Cons-itution and have joined the con-piracy. They are turncoats who
are actively engaged in High Tr-ason.
  The source of this con-piracy will be found in the body known as
the Il-minati. It is made up of the highest adepts of the combined
total of the so-called fraternal orders and se-ret societies. They
are bound together by blood oaths, a s-cret re-igion, and the
promise of an el-te status within regional go-ernment, or the world
supra go-ernment. Their r-ligion is based upon the Kabbalah, the
Luciferian Philosophy, and the worship of the Sun. They are not
bound by any oath or allegiance save their own. They are loyal to
no gov-rnment or People save their own. And they are Citizens of
no country save their already in place se-ret world gov-rnment. In
their own words, "If you are not one of us you are nothing." To
garner some sense of "feel" for the concept see the movie They
  "It is a largely 'open' cons-iracy, in that much of its membership,
structure, methods, and operations, are matters of public record,
however scattered and obscure. Its manner of coordination is
atypical. Two nuclei - the e-ite core of the Wall Street clique
(orbiting the House of Roc-efeller) and the el-te core of the
European financial clique (orbiting the House of Rot-schild) -
coordinate this global con-piracy by waging psychological w-rfare
on the rest of the co-spirators, telling each no more than is
necessary for him to fulfill his designated role, often with
explicit recognition neither of his role, nor of the unarticulated
rules that govern him. Thus, the overwhelming bulk of the
co-spirators do not know, but only suspect, that they are part
of and in service to a power somewhere so organized, so subtle,
so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they
had better not speak above their breath when they speak in
condemnation of it' (quoting Woodrow Wils-n)."
- Daniel Pouzzner You cannot hope to understand the philosophy
(Illuminism) of any branch of the Mystery School" (Ill-minati)
without many years of study and a complete knowledge of their
"symbolic" language. You must understand that like many other
organizations they attract those who completely miss the boat...
or are just too stupid to "get it". When an individual joins a
branch of the "Bro-herhood," by any name, Freem-sonry, The-sophical
Society, Anthroposophic Society, Fraternitis Rosae Cr-cae, Knights
Templar, Sovereign and Mi-itary Order of the Knights of Malta, or
any other fraternal order or se-ret society, no one ever sits down
with them and explains the meaning of anything. An actual literal
esoteric education would be too dangerous. It could result in a
public expose'... something which the Ill-minati must avoid at all
cost. But to give those who might understand a shortcut... Ill-inism
  The organization of the "Order" is a pyramidal structure of
"Degrees". On the bottom are the so-called "Blue" lodges full of
ignorant, mater-alistic, and opportunistic f-ols. Promising
candidates are chosen to be guided up the ladder of initiation
with the help of those who have gone before. The initiate is
presented with the objects of study, books, symbols, ritual, and
camaraderie...but Ill-mination must come from within. Each Degree of
initiation provides a new key to ultimate enlightenment, but only
for those who can truly understand the ritual and symbols of the
Degree. Where understanding or the ability to keep the se-rets
stops... the progress of the candidate stops. Only those above of
the "Order".
  The ultimate "se-ret" is the method of controlling large numbers
of fo-ls with the promise of a "se-ret" which they are led to
believe will make them one of the "el-ct". The goal is the
elimination of all re-igion save theirs, the elimination of all
nation st-tes, and complete control and ownership of everything,
and everyone, everywhere, every moment of every day, forever.


From: R
Subject:  Mil-tia broadcaster (Bill Cooper) killed by law officers.
                  Mark Shaffer
                 The Arizona Republic
                 Nov. 06, 2001 08:02:00
  EAGAR - One of the country's most influential mil-tia radio
broadcasters was killed early today in a hail of gunfire when law
officers tried to arrest him on a warrant accusing him of aggravated
  William Milton Cooper, 58, whose apocalyptic, cons-itutionalist
shortwave radio programs were a major influence on Oklahoma City
bomber Timothy McV-igh, was shot to death after Cooper shot and
critically wounded an Apache County sheriff's deputy who had tried
to arrest him, police said.
                    William Cooper's website
                   "The quest for truth begins here"
                        Background articles
  May, 2001: Tim McVei-h listened to mil-tia-inspired Arizona
  Feb., 1995: Mi-itias see threat in Arizona
  The officer, Robert Marinez, 40, was listed in critical condition
at St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix.
  Apache County Sheriff Brian Hounshell said Marinez, a former
Marine and Persian Gulf War veteran, was shot twice in the head by
what was believed to be a .45-caliber pistol.
  The officer was expected to survive, Hounshell said, after
undergoing two hours of surgery this morning. Marinez's skull was
fractured, and surgeons removed bone fragments from near his brain,
the sheriff said.
  Cooper had been indicted on federal charges of failing to pay
taxes from 1992 to 1994 and became a fugitive after failing to
appear for a U.S. District Court hearing in Phoenix three years ago.
  Scott Garms, Eagar's police chief, said he had urged federal
law officers to stay away from Cooper's two-story compound, high on
a mesa overlooking Round Valley, because mil-tia group members do
not recognize the legitimacy of federal law officers.
  "We certainly didn't want to make him a martyr," Garms said.
   The police chief said the effort to arrest Cooper became a local
law enforcement matter in July after Cooper ordered a local man to
leave land that Cooper did not own atop the mesa and then followed
the man about two miles to his home. Cooper then pulled a gun and
pointed it at the man's face, Garms said. That resulted in a warrant
for Cooper's arrest.
  Seventeen officers were involved in the operation, which started
at 11:40 p.m. Monday, Garms and Hounshell said.
  Garms said a group of undercover officers in a pickup truck
pretended to be "people just acting normal up there at night" in a
ruse to draw Cooper out of his house to adjoining property 200 yards
away. But Cooper surprised the officers by driving, not walking, to
them, and he never left the vehicle during a verbal altercation.
  During that confrontation, a second undercover police vehicle
drove to Cooper's property line and blocked the road, Garms said.
But on the way back to his house, Cooper drove off the side of the
road and tried to run over sheriff's Sgt. Steve Brown, who dived
out of the way, Hounshell said.
  Cooper then parked his vehicle in front of his house, and Marinez
followed him toward his front door while admonishing him to
surrender, Hounshell said. Near the door, Cooper turned and fired an
undetermined number of rounds at Marinez, who was wearing a
bulletproof vest but no helmet, Hounshell said, adding that
officers had not seen Cooper's handgun before he fired it.
  At that point, another sheriff's deputy who had been at the side of
Cooper's home, approached Cooper and opened fire. Hounshell said he
did not know where or how many times Cooper was struck, saying a
state Department of Public Safety shooting-review team had been
dispatched to the site.
  Hounshell declined to identify the officer.
  Cooper had said numerous times on his radio show, Hour of the
Time, and posted on his Web site, that he had been under siege by
"N-zi jackbooted thugs." He also had solicited donations for what
he said was his fight against the U.S. gov-rnment, which he said
was responsible for the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Fe-eral
Building in Oklahoma City.
  "He had vowed that he would not be taken alive," said Tom McCombs,
a spokesman for the U.S. Mar-hal's Service in Phoenix.
  Garms said Cooper's radio show had been off the air for about
a month because of a shortage of money. But in one of his last
programs, Garms said, Cooper had accused the federal go-ernment of
the Sept. 11 terr-rist attack on the World Trade Center in New York
  Glenn Jacobs, a Round Valley newspaper publisher and friend of
Cooper, said he didn't think the police operation was unjustified.
  "I think Bill just went nuts. He was looking for martyrdom anyway
and swore he would never surrender," Jacobs said. "They had him
dead to rights on the aggravated assault."
  Jacobs also said that if the sheriff's deputies had allowed
Cooper to enter his house, "they would have had a bloodbath on
their hands."
  "He kept an AK-47 just inside his front door by a magazine rack,"
Jacobs said.
  A spokesman for a group that tracks mi-itias said the shooting
wasn't surprising given Cooper's history. In addition to his show, he
was known within the mi-itia movement for an influential book called
Behold a Pale Horse, in which he wrote about global elites and
  "For more than 3 1/2 years, he had been holed up in his house
in Eagar, threatening to kill police officers and federal agents,"
said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. "He was talked
about as a guy who talked crazy and made a lot of threats. The
reality is that people like him are frequently exceedingly
  James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma bombing co-defendant Terry
Nichols, said during a 1996 court proceeding that McV-igh had been
a regular listener of Cooper's programs in the months leading up
to the Murrah bombing.
  Nelson Udall, an Eagar repairman and friend of Cooper, also
said that M-Veigh had paid a personal visit to Cooper two months
before the bombing, when Cooper was broadcasting his show from
his home at the time in St. Johns.
  Cooper, who said he served in the Na-y in intelligence operations
aboard submarines, also was heavily involved in discussions of
unidentified flying objects on his radio programs.
  Reach the reporter at or
(602)444-8057. Associated Press contributed to this article.
news as it happens.

Part 2 of 2.

John Winston.