Subj: WSJ: WTC moved into private hands less than 2 months ago
Date: 9/14/01 5:52:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time


This piece really bothers me.  My inital reaction to the event as seen on TV
was that it was not what it appeared.  I am assuming Silverstein and Goldman
are Jewish.  The timing is another big issue-the flare storms at the signing
of the deal and preceeding this event are important.

Is it true that Bin Laden was in partnership with another Rockefellor?  Did
these two get along?

D. Fezler

Wall Street Journal  Wed. Sept 12 page B1

BY Peter Grant

The cataclysmic destruction of the World Trade Center came less than TWO
months after control of the famed complex passed into private hands for the
first time in its 30 year history.
A group ked by New York developer Larry Silverstein and Westfield America
Inc. acquired a 99 year lease of the 11 million square foot complex from the
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  The value of the deal was put at
$3.2 billion, making it one of the biggest real estate deals ever.

I have selected the salient facts:
It goes on to say that he  developed and was owner of 7 World Trade Center.
Also the towers were incured in case of a terrorist bombing but not if
diestroyed as an act of war.  The original development of the tower was led
by David Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank).

The deal was won in a heated bidding contest.  Among the major players in
the deal was General Motor's Corp's GMAC which agreed to lend him most of
the down payment.  Lloyd Goldman, head of another NY real estate family put
together a group of family memebers and other that contributed two-thirds of
the equity in the deal.  The deal was signed on April 26 (my note-wasn't
this just 11 days after the last x-class flares?).

"The deal was closed in July the Silverstein group paid another $563 million
which they borrowed from GMAC.  GMAC raised the funds through an issue of
commercial mortgage-backed securities in August thanks to the prominence of
the property"