Subj: Comet Ikeya-Zhang 
Date: 3/4/02 5:43:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

"Counterclock orbit Trajection"
Although comet I-Z has a TRAJECTORY in a "natural" counterclock rotation, as it orbits the Sun in the same direction as all of the Planets, its track or trajectory as indicated by the esteemed body of science indicates says its orbital elements are similar to C1532 R1 and C1661 C1.   Astronomers have now concluded, it might be the comet return of 1661. The question is; was comet 1661 orbiting the sun as a maverick, as this I-Z Comet, appears to be coming in to our universe in opposition to all of the other comets of the past 100 years. (432 years +/- )  Plus; the fact of its ostentatious presence, at the time of a Solar Sun Spot Maxi-Maximum, that may indicate a Rogue, which is contrary and opposed to the Natural Rhythms or cycles of this universe.
ACCORDING TO SKY AND TELESCOPE; Comet I-Z has been seen to have entered the constellation of Pisces, from Earth, as of today, and in the coming weeks will seem to travel next into Aries, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, then into Drago, the Serpent. This is a West to North East direction as seen traveling across the "night sky". Remembering back to March 29th, 1997, when the "Hale Bopp" comet traversed the northern sky, as seen in the constellation's of  Cephues, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Algol-Andromeda and Pegasus, which was a trajectory-opposite in direction (180 degrees) as to the current I-K projected trajectory for the coming months..
Remember, the Earth is in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio where the sun "appears to be" in Pisces, Aries, and Taurus during the next 3 months.
The comet I-Z, WILL BE IN FRONT OF THE SUN or between the Earth and Sun, as both masses are heading in the same direction for a possible rendezvous in the same constellation in Scorpio, as seen from the earth the week of the 28th of April.