10/16/2006 12:20:53 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

The guy who wrote that turgid essay is an idiot.  He intentionally misread the preamble to the Treaty of Paris to include the USA as one of the lands over which King George III ruled when, in obvious fact, the preamble refers to King George as being the party of the first part (with long recitation of his various titles) and to the USA as the party of the second part.  Only a damned fool would understand it otherwise.

Moreover, the initial provisions of the Treaty expressly and unambiguously state that the King relinquishes for himself and his kingdom all claims of governance and proprietary rights over the USA and confirms the USA's independence from Britain in all regards.  Any other reading of the Treaty is poppycock . . . and you can quote me.

By the way, one of my girlfriends found a press release by Halliburton to the effect that it was granted in January of this year an open-ended contract by the federal government to build concentration camps for illegal immigrants "and in support of other government programs " (or some weasel words to that effect).  Rather ominous, wot?

Keep the faith,