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   Thanks for posting this info (below).

I will now, also .. give, here .. a brief portion of the assessment of 2 researchers
into this subject .. myself (MLM) and Damon Elkins.

We continue (Morton; Elkins) to see Nibiru's current location (in the Earth-sky,
against the_sky-background_of stars & constellations) .. as within one degree
of SIRIUS .. to "the right, and slightly-upward" of SIRIUS, as one views the sky.
I think (M.L.Morton) that 1800 A.D. was its most-recent aphelion (furthest from Sol),
and that 3600 A.D. is its projected next perihelion. This also means that its most-
recent perihelion was as of "00" B.C./A.D., and that our current consensus
calendar is literally marking-time (in a calendrical sense) from that most-recent
perihelion of Nibiru. It also appears (from the research and writing of Laurence
Gardner, that the birth-year of Jesus the Christ was 07 B.C. .. and, it also seems
likely to me that the "07" here would signify 7 "planetoids" in-orbit around the
brown-dwarf Nibiru .. according to the research and writings of Andy Lloyd.
I agree, at this timem with Andy Lloyd, that Nibiru is probably the companion-star
to Sol, in a binary star-system, although Nibiru itself would be a quite-smallish
brown-dwarf, but with 7 'planetoids' in relatively-tight orbit around it.

The "3600" ideal orbit-period (see works of Zecharia Sitchin), in terms of Earth
years,, would then_numerically_match it s next projected perihelion *year-date*,
according to our current consensus calendar.

D.Elkins and I think Nibiru's maximum "ecliptic-altitude" (north of the Solar-ecliptic,
as viewed from Earth, against the sky-backdrop) will be achieved at its line-of-sight
alignment with ALTAIR in the Aquila constellation .. where it will then "level-off"
at its (Nibiru's) "maximum perihelion ecliptic(Solar)-latitude" .. and then; when it
reaches the_ecliptic-longitude_of VEGA .. it will begin its "ecliptic(Solar)-latitude
descent" .. again; on line-of-sight from Earth.

Nibiru's crossing-points .. that is, its "apparent line-of-sight intersections" with the
Solar-ecliptic, as seen from Earth .. will be at our "current" (*Circa 2000 A.D.*)
Equinoxial points in our (Earth ) sky .. which (in the SKY) are at approximately
05 deg 19 min_SIDEREAL_ ecliptic-longitude, PISCES and VIRGO, in the zodiac.
Of course .. relative to Earth's horizon .. the 3600 A.D. perihelion-crossing-points
will be_precessed_due to Earth's precession cycle .. by about one degree per
72 years, from 2000 A.D. and 3600 A.D., or .. precessed on Earth's horizon by
about .. (1600 / 72)  =  22.222 arc-degrees of ecliptic-longitude .. from the current
Earth-horizon spot. This would put our March Equinoxial point, *in 3600 A.D.* ..
at about (roughly) 13 degrees_SIDEREAL_Aquarius. But the "incoming" crossing-
point of Nibiru, as Nibiru "comes in retrograde", in 3600 A.D., will be observed
from Earth to be_at_05 deg 19 min_SIDEREAL_PISCES, in our sky.
And; according to Andy Lloyd's research, only about 3_months_is the duration of
Nibiru's perihelion in our Earth-sky. So; if this is the case .. then, imagine Nibiru,
Lord of Heaven, traversing HALF of our "ecliptic-sky-longitude" as-observed-from-
Earth (of course) .. in a mere 3 months. In other words .. from its "incoming"
crossing-point, to its "outgoing" crossing-point at 05 deg  19 min of SIDEREAL
VIRGO .. is only a 3-month time period on Earth. This would mean that the Lord
of Heaven is *really moving fast*  .. "and how" .. in its perihelion with Sol !!

I'm not an astro-physicist, nor a "celestial mechanics" person .. so I don't know
what the actual velocities would be. But, Damon E. is in-touch with some people
who are (hopefully) working on that.

Notice, please, that the "ASM", as I have written about it on the Internet ..
is apparently_very-intentionally_"aligned" so that (as-observed-from-Earth) ..
the *sky-background* Solar-ecliptic-crossing-points of NIBIRU are "displayed"
to us .. (here on Earth) .. as of Circa 2000 A.D.  This is extremely important
to understand, IMO. This is one of the_main_reasons .. apparently .. as to ..
**WHY** the "ASM" is_calibrated_to "2000 A.D." on our consensus calendar.
WE (here on Earth) are being literally_"shown"_the SIDEREAL zodiacal points-in-
the-sky, on the Solar-ecliptic, WHERE Nibiru always crosses !!!
Whomever designed and created the "ASM" .. has arranged it so that WE (in
Circa 2000 A.D. of our consensus calendar) are being_shown_that NIBIRU always
crosses the Solar-ecliptic, at perihelion, at .. 05 deg 19 min SIDEREAL PISCES
and SIDEREAL VIRGO .. **where our_"current"_Equinoxial-points are** !!!   

Recall the "Y2K" thing ?  Of course you do.

Remember how "nothing happened" at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve
of 1999-2000 ?  There were many_serious_discussions, explanations, and
predictions of massive chaos and failures of our electronic infrastructure all
over the world. This was mostly due to many "in-accessible" micro-chips ..
buried underground, on the bottoms of oceans, etc., etc., etc. To me ..
it really did appear that we_were_headed for a very major disaster.

But .. "somehow" .. nothing bad happened .. ??!!??!!
Everything (basically) just never missed a beat.
I thought this was just really incredible. And I_still_do think this was
really incredible !!!

How the hell did "nothing go wrong" at that moment ??!!??

Let me point-out something, here. Have you noticed ..
that "Y2K" and the "ASM"_CONVERGED_in time ??!!??
I_don't_think this is a trivial thing, nor do I think this was a "random coincidence".          

Could it be .. that the same "agencies" or "people" or "beings".. who were/are
involved with creating/designing the "ASM" .. were/are involved in *fixing things*
for us at the time of the "Y2K" ??!!???   I think this is VERY LIKELY.
They probably "remotely repaired/fixed" all of those "inaccessible micro-chips".

Doesn't this lend a lot more credence to ..
1) A possible/probable "explanation" for why "nothing bad happened" at Y2K ?
2) The REALITY of the "ASM" itself, as a hugely-important fact to Earth-humans ?
3) A likelihood that "they" .. the people/beings behind the "ASM" .. are not hostile
     to us; and .. that "they" are actually_trying_to communicate with us on a very
     BROAD level .. as "We, the People" ??  .. as-opposed-to "they" communicating
     with the current controlling, manipulative, corrupt, secretive Cabals ??

    -- Michael Lawrence Morton

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Subj:[SpeakIt] Location Of Planet X
Date:12/18/2002 5:35:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Friends,

This is from ORBIT.


Love and Light.


The location of Planet X

The article "The location of Planet X" was written by Dr. R.S. Harrington, of the US Naval Observatory in Washington. In this article he calculated several parameters of Planet X and its orbit. Harrington started from the perturbatians in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, knowing that Pluto could not be responsible for them. The observations he used were supplied by the Nautical Almanac Office of the US Naval Observatory and go back as far as 1833 for Uranus and 1846 for Neptune. A weight was assigned to the data because later observations were more accurate than earlier ones, but he still thought it important to give enough weight to the early data, in order to be able to give them some significance in a solution for long period effects.
To calculate the position of Planet X, the following formula was used:


This equation therefore gives the equation of motion of the perturbation vector. There is no need to explain all the calculations he did here, but I also want to mention that he also took into consideration the complete Lowell Planetary Survey. It was at this Observatory that the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930. After that he continued to look for any additional planets for another 13 years, covering a good portion of the northern sky down to approximately the 16

th magnitude. Of course he could have overlooked Planet X, but according to Harrington the search was quite thorough. The probability that the planet is in the north is therefore quite low. Eventually Harrington came up with the following results, not as a best solution, but as a typical good case:

Perihilion Epoch T:6 August 1789
Semimajor axis a:101.2 AU
Period P:1019 yr
Eccentricity e: 0.411
Argument of perihelion w:208.5
Argument of node omega275.4
Inclination i:32.4
Mass m:4 Me
Absolute magnitude V(1,0):-6 (assumed)

The parameters give the positions in the 1930's, now of course its position has changed, but the change can be calculated.