Subj: Clones-ET Disclosure-Divine Synchronicity?
Date: 5/13/01 11:17:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Namaste from Ft Worth,
I was talking w/ friend on the phone earlier tonight & we commented on how
so many BIG politicos nowdays seem to have same mannerism (flat affect,
"programmed" facial expressions, lack of real emotion, repetitive movements,
etc... as if they are artificial or not really human inside. We even joked
how they actually seemed to be human-like robots or clones. --- Now, an hour
later, found this linked on Kent Steadman's ORBIT... and it wasn't there
earlier today. Me teeth are still clacking in floor after reading the title:
"Political Clones"

Sitting here thinking about such possibilitities has given me a good case of
the heebeegeebeeies, best described as a surrealistic nightmare scene from
the "Twilight Zone." Then there are other aspects to contemplate in all
this... such as the following article found linked on 'Surfing the
Apocalypse' last night:
The Problem with "Disclosure - An Alternative View" by Michael Brownlee /
May 7, 2001 -
There is also a book linked at bottom of this article, THE ALLIES OF
HUMANITY, that reveals powerful messages about such senarios being
implemented at this time in Earth's evolution... See linked sidebar section
titled "Excerpts from the Book" -

Here is the most recent update [5/11] about what has been happening at the
"Extraterrestrial Intelligence DISCLOSURE CONFERENCE" at Washington Press

And there are more related articles on the 'Surfing the Apocalypse' site:

Also, local news here in Dallas did story on the 'ET Disclosure Conference'
on last night's broadcast.... they showed brief video clip of Astronauts
testifying how they saw alien UFO ships on various missions etc and were
instructed by NASA, CIA, NSA etc to not divulge info & had to take Oaths of
Secrecy, etc. The 2 articles below give similar details to contents of the
TV news story:

ABCNEWS.COM: "UFOs, Aliens and Secrets — They're out there — and the
Government Knows"

5/9/01 - That's according to a group of about 20 former government workers,
many of them military and security officials, who stepped forward on
Wednesday to say they had witnessed evidence of aliens and unidentified
flying objects and called for congressional hearings about such sightings.

"These testimonies establish once and for all that we are not alone," said
Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research
organization dedicated to disclosing alleged alien sightings.

Greer, who organized the program at the National Press Club in Washington,
argued that the United States and other governments have known about UFOs
for at least 50 years and have been keeping the information secret.

Greer said there were some 400 witnesses who claim to have firsthand
experience with UFO sightings or alien evidence, and are willing to testify
before Congress.

Among them is Daniel Sheehan, a well-known Washington lawyer who is acting
as counsel for members of Greer's group.

Sheehan told reporters that during the Carter administration he found out
about government-held UFO information that then-CIA Director George Bush,
father of the current president, would not release.

Sheehan said he was then led into the National Archives, where he was shown
photographs of captured UFOs, complete with what appeared to be alien
writing symbols, but he was only allowed to take notes on a yellow legal
pad. He traced the photos onto the cardboard back of his pad, he said.

International UFO Cabal?
James Oberg, an ABCNEWS space consultant and retired NASA engineer, says
Greer has long argued "there's this bizarre theory that there is a worldwide
real X-file cabal that is using UFO technology."

But Oberg noted not every witness attending the conference necessarily
subscribed to Greer's theory, and says those attending the press conference
shouldn't be mocked.

"People see strange things they can't understand, and that can't be
explained either then or in hindsight, and it's good to keep documenting
these, because often the mysterious sightings are things of interest, to
military intelligence or even to science."

Oberg says people sometimes can be too quick to conclude that the
explanation is little green men.

"Often, I've seen people jump to conclusions about what they saw, because,
after all, to have been scared by a distant fireball can be embarrassing but
to have encountered an alien space ship is more exciting."

Military Denies UFOs
The U.S. government repeatedly has denied having any evidence of alien
species, though it investigated UFOs for decades.

The Air Force was responsible for investigating alleged sightings for the
military. From 1947 to 1969, the service's Project Blue Book at
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, investigated 12,618 reported
sightings. It said it found explanations for all but 701, such as swamp gas,
airplane lights, weather balloons and other natural phenomena.

Sightings for which explanations couldn't be determined were categorized as
sketchy reports that couldn't be pinned down.

In 1997, the Air Force announced it was formally closing its nearly 50-year
investigation into the alleged alien sighting at Roswell, N.M. It denied
that there was evidence of a UFO at Roswell and that the military covered it

"Information obtained through exhaustive records searches and interviews
indicated the material recovered near Roswell was consistent with a balloon
device of the type used in a then-classified project," said a Pentagon
statement. "No records indicated, or even hinted at, the recovery of 'alien'
bodies or extraterrestrial materials."

Alien Energy?
In another statement Wednesday, Donna Hare, a former NASA contract employee,
said that Apollo astronauts saw an alien craft when they landed on the moon,
but were told not to reveal it. Hare's source was a man who had been
quarantined with the astronauts.

Former Air Force Maj. George Filer III told reporters that when he was at
McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, an alien craft came down, and an alien
got out and was shot by a military policeman.

"Our security police went out there and found him at the end of the runway
dead," Filer said.

"They asked me to brief the general staff," he said, but was later told not
to. He said he would tell the story in front of Congress.

Filer is not new to UFO sightings. He has his own Web site called Filer's
Files, where he says he also chased an alien ship over England when flying
for the U.S. Air Force.

"I personally have observed a UFO both visually and on radar. I've been
chasing them ever since," he writes.

Greer said extraterrestrials could provide a new, plentiful source of energy
that would supply the world's energy needs.

Information from alien encounters, said Greer, could also have significant
impact on the global environment and the quest for world peace.

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Very interesting 1997 Interview with Dr. Greer by Share International:
May 2001
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Blessings to all Sentient Beings throughout creation - rhonda