Subj: Re: Cloning/Cyborgs/King George and Rasputin
Date: 11/22/01 6:24:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,
I'm not a world known psychic, myself, but when I get 'messages' I pay close attention because they're ALWAYS on the mark. Years ago, I was at a book store looking at a book about Queen Victoria and out of the blue a loud voice said that the Queen Mum today is one and the same?! At the time it seemed VERY crazy but, along those lines, thought I'd share this email I recently recieved with you:

Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:30:13 -0800

Dear Friends, I know that some yet, cannot assimilate
this information as being truth or factual, Because
our Black Ops Gov.
military still keeps EVERYTHING HIDDEN from the
populace.  And so it is. However!!  - this IS going
on.  Information is protection, from my perspective.
Lighted-Love, Viv

"Revelations for the New Era"  through Suzanne Ward
Channel for the Matthew Books.


S: Maybewell, probablyyou know that a sheep has just
been cloned and some fear has been expressed about
this leading to attempts at human cloning.  What do
you say about this?
MATTHEW: Mother, you would be amazed at all I could
say about this!
Cloning is a relatively new process on Earth, but
elsewhere in the universe it has been used for eons to
keep civilizations from dying out.  Furthermore,
cloning is not as new there as publicly announced
adult humans have been reproduced by this process for
some time.

S: Matthew, are you completely certain about this?

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I am.  Ive mentioned my friend
Hugo.Because of his work with the plant and animal
life on Jupiter, he s very familiar with cloning.  I
dont mean that hes the source of my knowl-edgethe
reality of cloning is widely known except on Earthbut
if you would like a thorough explanation of the human
cloning process, I ll ask him to tell you about it.
S: Please do.

MATTHEW: Mother, Hugo is here in response to my energy
beep.  Go ahead, Hugo.

HUGO: Hello, Madam Suzy!  I am glad to join your
company in this moment.  It is my understanding that
you have questioned if clon-ing of adult humans has
been done on Earth.  Indeed that is fact, and has been
for some time, as Matthew told you.  I shall start
straight away, at the beginning of the cloning
process, if I may.  Thank you.
Human cloning is a process whereby the cellular
material of a living being is taken for the purpose of
reproducing the exact same likeness in a new entity.
The cellular material is placed in a sterile vial in a
liquid conducive for the growth of that material in
purity and without imperfections entering the
substance.  After it divides and subdivides, the
matter is transferred to a larger laboratory container
under the same sterile conditions and temperature and
light controls.
The embryonic form becomes quickly apparent and soon
the defi-nite form of a fetus is easily recognizable.
When the fetus has reached the stage of approximately
six months of normal gestational age, it is
transferred again, to a holding tank wherein the
liquid approximates the amniotic fluid in the womb
during pregnancy.
In this liquid the fetus continues to evolve normally
as if in a womb.  When the fetus has reached term
development, it is removed from the fluid and is then
treated as if birth by natural means has occurred.
Except, of course, there is no umbilical cord to
treat.  Minor cosmetic surgery remedies that absence
of the normal appearance.
The process in human replication does not take an
incubation pe-riod of nine months.  It is accelerated
by means of chemical additives and ideal circumstances
of laboratory makings. 
The initial process can take between six and seven of
your weeks for certainty of perfect fetal development,
and another eight to ten weeks is required for the
full growth.  Since none of this is by natural birth
processes, regular gesta-tional time has no meaning.
Cloning is not confined to reproducing infants who are
permitted to grow normally from birth into adulthood.
When the clone of a specific adult is at stake, the
period of aging from emergence of the infant into an
adult in prime years, say between
30 and 35 years of age, is only between 350 and 400
days.  About one additional month of aging is required
to produce a clone of a
65-year-old individual.
That is the approximate age of most humans being
cloned on Earth at this time.
The substance that permits this rapid aging has not
yet been dis-covered for such a purpose except by
those few scientists engaged in the cloning process.
A few individuals on Earth have been afflicted with a
chemical imbalance that causes their bodies to age far
more quickly than what is normal there.  A 10-year old
child can have the aged ap- pearance and organic
functioning and processes of a very old person.
Old by your standards, that is, not elsewhere.
The chemical that causes the imbalance in that
diseased childs system is what is used almost to
perfection in the process of rapidly aging infant
clones into adults.
This aging acceleration process also requires the
addition of several key nutrients to the diet and
ideal laboratory conditions of temperature and
controlled degrees of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  The
disadvan-tage is that when the appearance must be
identical to the original per-son who is about 60 or
65 years, then the entire cloned being must be aged
until that identical appearance is reached.
There is no way to stop the aging of the organs and
still achieve the necessary appearance, thus the
organs are subjected to all the stress of the
accelerated aging as well as any deficiencies inherent
in the family genes.
Even if the newly cloned individual initially appears
fresher and younger looking than the origi-nal person
or the predecessor clone, it quickly breaks down and
starts showing more advanced signs of aging in all
I have spoken so far only of the body of a cloned
individual.  The brain is another matter.  It is the
most intricate aspect of the growth procedure, both in
vitro and once in flesh.  The human brain is a
com-puter, and the downloading function from the
original brain to the brain of the clone works exactly
like your computers in this same type of process.
Duplicating the original brain can be done with
perfection in an infant clone.  Education is supplied
continuously to the clone through-out the aging period
from birth to adulthood, and the brain functions as
normally as you would expect within the accelerated
learning faculties.
Because the brain is so vast in capability, the
clones absorption of information during the
educational process is not only easy, it is most
interesting for the people involved to see such giant
leaps in learning.
We observe this from here and see this as the only
aspect of scientific nature on your planet that is
beginning to be enlightened as to func-tional human
brain capacity.
Madam, the extended educational process is necessary
because an abrupt insertion of intelligence on a blank
slate would produce a neuro-logical shock.
The clones are instructed from infancy by tutors who
are specially trained behavioral scientists.  This
aspect of the process is exactly what you do with your
infants, teaching them to become aware, alert,
re-sponsible little individuals with personalities,
skills, a sense of responsi-bility and engaging
mannerisms.  The tutors, whose students are quite more
unique than most, are trained themselves by personal
films of the family and are supplied other intimate
family history, thus they are familiar with all speech
and movement mannerisms of the cloned indi-vidual.
It is another matter entirely when a swiftly produced
adult clone is the object.  A major reason aging can
be accelerated is the brain s capa-bility to absorb
information and perform functions at a far faster and
more comprehensive rate than most Earth people
realize.  In fact, if this were not so, human cloning
there would not be possible.
In a rapidly-aged clone, keeping the integrity of all
knowledge gained during the original beings lifetime
to that point is at stake.  The adult clones initial
memory ability is compromised to the extent that the
clone may appear befuddled or momentarily at a loss
for words until the memory kicks in or the clones own
thinking aspect overrides the hesitation and covers,
so to speak.  Since this is not highly unusual in
real people, it is not generally noticed with
suspicion in the cloned beings, but rather is
considered only a human imperfection.
The downloading of all information in the brain of the
original person or of the clone being replaced must be
done at the moment of the need for the new clone.
This can be done most successfully from the persons
brain to the first clone.  Slight deterioration occurs
with every successive downloading procedure from the
outcast clone to its replacement.  No, the original
brain cannot be used to circumvent this
deteriorationeven if that individual is still
alivebecause that original brain does not have the
same accumulated knowledge as the most recent cloned
entity.  You can see that the identical store of
latest infor-mation is essential if the replacement
clone is to be accepted as the real person.
While we are pleased to see this advancement in
technology on your planet, its misuse neutralizes our
elation at your discovery.  Power- ful people are
being cloned now and have been cloned for many years,
and none of this started with good intent.  Always it
has been for con-trol purposes.  Some of your world
leaders were cloned many years past, and by now are in
the thirtieth or more versions of the original person.
The purpose of cloning those people is to create the
certainty of their longevity and maintenance of their
You can notice the abrupt and considerable change in
appearance toward vibrant health and youthfulness of
some world leaders as seen in TV films or photographs.
Usually this high robustness and stamina immediately
follows a day or a few days of absence from the public
eye after a period of increasingly evident aging
appearance.  You attribute those remarkable
differences to the persons brief vacation or recovery
from a proclaimed illness, but here it is known that,
simply, a new clone has replaced the old one.
Yes, several clones are produced at the same time,
educated as I previously explained, and kept in
various places on your planet to be ever ready as
needed for the up-to-the-moment knowledge insertion
process.  Many versions of the clones are necessary
because the art of this science has not been perfected
on Earth.  The cloned adult bodies disintegrate far
more rapidly than same-age bodies having grown old
naturally.  This is due partly to the accelerated
aging process from infant to adult body and partly to
the lack of skill in those scientists who perform the
various procedures.  Earths third density atmosphere
also is a factor.
S: Hugo, excuse me, please.  Are clones accepted by
the persons family?  Surely they must be aware of
whats going on.

HUGO: The cloned individuals family members are, of
course, aware of the existence of the clone or clones,
and they participate in both the educational process
and the cover-up. If they resist, they themselves
are cloned, usually against their will, and their
clones carry on with public functions.  In some cases
the original persons have died naturally, or they have
been killed if it served the purpose of still more
powerful people.  Others are still living, although
never seen in public.
Only the clones are seen publicly.

To quiet your mind of its question, Madam, five
countries have developed the cloning process with just
about the same level of success with the
reproductions, and one other country is still
experimenting with earlier stages.  Laboratories are
designed around the same func-tional basis, with
little variation in the overall process.  Some years
ago there were enough variations in procedures so that
differences in the quality of the clones were easily
detectable.  The aging process was the primary
difference in approach at the different laboratories,
and there were consequential weaknesses in the maximum
achievable degree of physical stability and brain
downloading success.
With the eventual agreeable exchange of technology so
that all areas of imperfections could be improved, all
the current clones are emerging with approxi-mately
the same functioning abilities, appearance and aging
character-istics in all countries where they are
Now, to continue.  I shall address the very important
matter of a soul in a cloned body.  As for a soul
being or not being in these man-made bodies, most
definitely, no soul is born in a cloned individual,
but a soul may choose to enter one.  There is good
reason for a soul to enter, just as there is good
reason for a soul not to.
For a soul who has been waiting to experience in
physical form, it is an opportunity to do so in these
waning days before great changes within Gods plan for
raising consciousness of the planet and all of you who
are receptive.  However, any soul who enters these
cloned bodies knows the risk of becoming trapped by
the dark forces that have per-vaded the psyche of the
original person and any predecessor clones.
This is a particularly important consideration as
brain functioning dete-riorates with each downloading
process, as I have mentioned, and thereby weakens a
souls mental resistance to becoming trapped.  Also,
in later versions of the clones, longevity is not
long, so those bodies are not looked upon as the
paradise life one might suspect of an individual in a
highly influential position.
Why would any soul take on such a problem?  The power
of such an influential position is exactly why some
souls are not only willing, they are eager to enter
the clone.  They do so with the determination to
overcome the genetic structure, the influence of the
memory, and the inherent tendency to follow the
negative path that the original soul was on.  When a
soul is very strong indeed, there is the will to
uplift the genetic and moral character to the point
that there does seem to be a turnabout in the
persons health, attitudes and activities.  In such
cases, it is because the stronger souls higher
intention attracts the higher light energy that
enables it to infuse the cloned body with physical
stamina not available to those souls with less
resolve, and therefore the stronger soul can sustain
the bodys life force for a much longer period than a
weaker soul can.
Now you are thinking, how can any body live without a
soul?  The chemical makeup of a physical body is such
that it is an independently functioning entity.  Its
life force is sustained by its own energetic mo-mentum
derived from the elements and interacting processes of
nor-mal organic functioning.  Therefore, a clone
without a soul has the same mobility and thinking
capacity as any normal body.
Let us address what is not in a clone without a soul.
First, emotions are not the givens they are in a
naturally created human.  A soul-less clone has to
acquire the appearance of emotions in accordance with
its surroundings, perhaps what is expected of a
regular guy or maybe a member of high society.  It
is only conformance to the circle in which the clone
moves that gives it the appearance of having emotions.
But the most essential lack in a clone is the
spiritual aspect that is inherent in a baby born from
the egg and sperm of its parents.
The soul life force encompasses those aspects of
beingness that are the bonding with Godconscience,
intuition, sense of self at a higher plane than normal
conscious functioning.  So, neither those ties with
God nor natu-ral emotions are within the soul-less
cloned individual.  Instead, there is a mechanical and
mental aspect of what is appropriate to do or say.
Once mastered, that ability is as proficient as if the
person had spent a lifetime accumulating wisdom and
behaving properly.
Your mind is so full of questions, Madam!  No,
producing what you call test tube babies is not in
the least the same nature as cloning individuals, and
most surely not in purpose.
S: Im sorry I keep thinking of things to ask you,
Hugo.  Since it s public knowledge that a sheep has
just been cloned, do you know why people en masse
havent questioned whether the same can be done with

HUGO: Well, Madam, Id say that even though the
cloning of the animal is known, there will be no
sustained information on that accom-plishment.  he art
of cloning has not been perfected there, and the
products will not age in the same normal way
naturally-conceived ani-mals do.  When this is
realized, there may not be many reports on it.
Also Id say that concentrated publicity could
logically cause all think-ing individuals to
extrapolate that achievement into the possibility of
human cloning.  That kind of speculation does indeed
exist there, but to prevent the major populace
accepting such a feat as even a possibility, much less
a validity, science fiction in books and films is the
masterful means whereby the human cloning technology
is confined to entertain-ment, and always in a tenor
of absurdity.

S: Thank you for your opinion, Hugo.  What do you know
about the aliens called little grays?

HUGO: Well, Madam, respectfully, we know all there is
to know about them.  With pertinence to Earth, we know
that in underground laboratories, primarily in your
Southwest United States, they are using their genetic
material to reproduce themselves.
When they arrived on Earth several decades past, they
taught the cloning technology to your
government-selected scientists, and that was the
introduction of clon-ing to your civilization.
Ever since those beings arrived there they have done
little except misuse their high level of intellectual
and technological abilities.  They had not intended to
remain long, but they became trapped in Earth s
density and realized that they couldnt leave the
planet because their systems no longer were of the
higher density from which they came.
To keep their strain pure and to guarantee numbers
sufficient to survive any attempts to exterminate
them, they have been cloning them-selves at a great
rate.  No, Madam, not exactly an army, as combat is
not their immediate intention, but an army in numbers,
yes.  There is vastness in living areas underground on
Earth that citizens would find incredible if they
could become aware of it.  It would be equally
as-tounding if they could know that non-Earth beings
are permanent resi-dents on the planet.
These beings you call little grays are considerably
smaller in stat-ure than Earth humans and indeed look
like the depictions given by individuals who were
abducted for medical experimentation and repro-duction
purposes.  Some of them are responsible for the
abductions that took place as claimed, but with two
huge and vital exceptions:
where the kidnapped persons were taken and by whom.
Trapped on the planet, the abductors no longer were
extraterrestrial to Earth, and their travel crafts
went down underground, not up into space.
These extraterrestrials, as mistakenly cited, have
not been any-where except in the immense city mazes
beneath Earths surface since their arrival about half
a century past.  The only exceptions to their
underground living are those brief abduction
happenings.  Then, using small spacecraft of their or
your governments design and fabrication, they obtain
humans to take back to the underground laboratories
built specifically for their experimentations.  These
experimentations are in the nature of establishing a
suitable mating program of the two civiliza-tions,
which, in the eyes of the little grays, would
reinforce their chances of survival on your planet
beyond their pure strain by cloning.
Your major world leaders would like everyone to fear
real extrater-restrials.
They have considered producing the little grays in
such ag-gressive exhibition that it would prove their
stance that public fear of extraterrestrials is
justified.  Those leaders know that nothing is to be
feared from the extraterrestrials in this part of the
solar system!  If it were not so desperately
self-serving and so negative for Earth, to us it would
be amusing that the United States government lets that
mean-spirited alien civilization hide and experiment
under your ground at the very same moment it denies
the presence in your skies of representa-tives of
civilizations they know are benevolent.
All space brothers in your area are friendly and have
let this be known to government leaders.  Most are
there expressively to SAVE your planet!
Cooperatively, they are preventing Earth from losing
or-bital regularity and are assisting you in myriad
other ways.  This service in universal friendship has
been ongoing for many years and will con-tinue during
the heavier cleansing episodes ahead.
Nevertheless, official statements continue to explain
away sightings of the authentic extrater-restrial
spacecraft by logical means.
Such foolishness, such childish games!  But the
consequences have been tragic for those space beings
who some time ago came only in peace and offering
technology and other assistance to preserve your
planet.  In exchange, they asked the world leaders to
cease building nuclear armaments and planning for
nuclear war that would destroy the planet.  The
government leaders would not give up their dark
con-trol, and they killed or held in captivity those
peaceful emissaries.
De-spite that, those emissaries fellow space beings
STILL are helping you!
S: Hugo, I dont know what to say except that I pray
our current leaders will be influenced by the light
Matthew said is being beamed here.
Can we go back to cloning, pleasedo you know when and
why it started?
HUGO: I cannot tell you when cloning first was done,
but the technology is in the universal mind and
therefore accessible to those who tap into this
ultimate source of all knowledge.  I can tell you of a
civilization that instituted this method of
reproduction as a means of population preservation, if
you wish.
I see your interest.  Very well, then.  That
civilizations reproductive organs became atrophied
due to disuse during an era of underground living
after warring situations destroyed their planetary
Limited space beneath their planet surface meant no
increase in the surviving population could be allowed,
and over the eons their bodies changed to adapt to
this new circumstance.
Their bodies had no cellular aging programming as
Earth humans do, and that is why they didnt die, as
you are wondering.  When they learned that finally in
safety they could re-enter their planets atmo-sphere,
they also realized that their few numbers would
eventually ex-pire to extinction if birth processes
were not developed for sustaining the civilization.
So, cloning came to the rescue as purposeful, pure and
S: That is fascinating!  Thank you, Hugo.  How you
know so much about cloning?

HUGO: I studied it for the purpose of using it on
Jupiter.  Many animal experimentations are ongoing
there continuously, and it is in connection with my
scientific work that I have learned these methods of
reproduction that include human cloning.
I am known in Nirvana mostly for relating the history
of the for-mation of Jupiter and its subsequent animal
and plant experimentation.
As Matthew has told you, I spend most of my incarnate
lifetimes on that planet.  Im not one of the large
insect-like beings he described, but I do incarnate on
Jupiter in a shape other than this etheric body you
are now seeing.
I know Matthew said those individuals are rather
strange, and he is not incorrect about that, but he is
not as correct about their being emotionless.  He is
just unaware of the emotions that are deeply hidden
within those beings due to their isolation from other
civilizations.  They are emotions that dont rock the
boat, in your term, so maybe they arent noticeable
to observers.
My people and I are not suprahuman, as those other
caretakers are.  I dont possess the high degree of
intelligence development as they, but I have
progressed beyond them in other ways by living in this
realm between my incarnations on Jupiter.  I am here
now for learning more of the spiritual nature so that
when I returnyes, I wish to soon returnI will have
this additional knowledge of spiritual growth to share
with my people there.
The last time I was on Jupiter was about 40 years ago
in your counting, and I have been here since that
lifetime.  Yes, this is longer than most souls stay in
this realm before embarking on new lessons.  I had a
great deal to learn so that not only my growth, but
those I will teach by example, will be shifted toward
the light more and more.
They wish this, yes, Madam, otherwise my efforts would
be worthless.
S: Hugo, does God approve of cloning?
HUGO: I am amazed by your question!  I never thought
to ques-tion this.  I suppose He doesnt disapprove,
as anything that creates for the higher good of the
universe surely cannot be considered bad by God.  It
is in the abuse of this cloning capability, like
anything else, wherein God most surely would be
disappointed, I would think.

Madam Suzy, I ask respectfully that you return to
discuss this matter with me another time.  I shall
come directly in response to your summons or Matthew
will contact me, if you prefer.  Thank you for this
graciousness, and by this I shall say goodbye for a
brief time.
S: I look forward to our next visit, Hugo.  Thank you
for all your information today.  Goodbye for now.
* * *
The following day:
HUGO: Madam Suzy, thank you for receiving me again.  I
am heartened to tell you that cloning is not
inherently against God.
No, not at all.  I have given this considerable
thought since you questioned it.  I have talked with
one of the master council members whose wisdom in
spiritual affairs is higher than any others in this
realm, and he has agreed that cloning is not against
Gods wishes, only the misuse of the cloned
individuals or the self-serving purpose behind the
development of them.
So, my reply rests more easily within me now, as I did
not want to obscure your contemplation with my own
opinion, which you might give more weight than
deserved.  Never is it correct to assume that because
words come from here they are indisputable.  We only
have a vantage point you do not and the great wisdom
of our masters for amplification of our knowledge.
I have enjoyed your company, Madam Suzy.  It has been
my plea-sure to assist you in this way.  If you have
other questions later, you can contact me directly, if
you wish.  Now I bid you farewell in the leave-taking
of myself into other good works and I wish you all
blessings in your book preparation efforts.

S: Goodbye, Hugo.  Thank you for your extra effort on
that God approval point and also your good wishes.
Matthew, hello again.

MATTHEW: Hello again yourself, dear soul.  Hugo knows
of your great appreciation even beyond your words
because he picks up your feelings just as I do.  His
wish to return after consulting with a master teacher
to give you that extra insight was extraordinary.

And Mother, his patience with your mental questioning
yesterday also was extraordinary.  I know you cant
help those spontaneous reac-tions when youre
receiving information that fascinates you, and I know
you cant relate to the nuisance of your thought forms
that just keep shooting up and distracting the
concentration of the transmitter, but its like trying
to conduct a seminar in the midst of Fourth of July
* * *
As Hugo mentioned, he sent me an image of himself.  He
is a most appealing young man in appearance, with a
wide, open smile, glowing white skin, dark sparkling
eyes, and a shock of dark brown hair.
End of Chapter on Cloning from "Revelations for a New