Subj: Comet C/LINEAR 2001 A2
Date: 5/15/01 9:06:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Tim Edwards)

Hi Kent,

Hope you had a great trip, and glad you're back!

As you know, Comet C/LINEAR 2001 A2 has fragmented and there is good chance it may
even fragment further.


Additionally, 2001 A2 is scheduled for a 'close-approach' to the Earth from June 30th
to July 2nd at 0.244 AU (roughly 23 million miles).

see here:

This distance is not very close, although, if the fragments spread apart as they come
around for their perihelion or 'close approach' with the Sun @ 0.779039239 AU on June
24th, I would assume the predicted orbit might be altered a bit.


I am researching this in-depth to see if there is really anything to be concerned
with. I have also contacted several 'pros' to get their take.

Any additional info would be appreciated.



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