Date: 10/11/02 10:02:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Read the material at the following URL:

I read this intently, and then shared it with a renown Microbiologist friend.

He read it and said, " Oh that's where they come from."

I asked what he was talking about and he replied, "Chupacabras."

I asked if he was kidding and he replied that if someone was trying to combine human and alien DNA through resequencing, what did I think they would get for their first efforts?

I'll try to paraphrase his remarks. He said assuming that the document is true, then our government is trying to help a creature that is more different from us biologically than we are from a fly. We oxygenate, they hydrogenate. Their neural pathways are not only different, they work differently. He said that based on the current state of research, he thought what was postulated would be impossible. But if advancements were made that were kept from the public eye and a cross breed was CLONED, then what would it be like.

1. It would not be an efficient user of oxygen; however if it maintained the alien energy absorption preference over traditional cardio-pulmonary system it may be able to have extreme bursts of energy use, followed by exhaustion and hibernation.

2. Oxygenation of tissues would be highly inefficient and may require replenishing a very anemic transport system. Also, with a varied endocrine system and metabolic approach, then he could see where ingesting oxygenated blood could be a result.

At this point my friend had to get back to work, but we agreed to discuss it later for "FUN". Later I thought, if in fact our government has such a program underway to help these "sick" aliens, might not the aliens be doing parallel work and might this not explain animal mutilations.

Food for thought. I look forward to my next talk with "Doc"