Subj: Bin Laden's Afghan Germ Warfare Plants Bombed
Date: 10/11/01 11:36:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Bin Laden's Afghan Germ Warfare Plants Bombed
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2001

Osama bin Laden's secret laboratories in Afghanistan that
were turning out deadly chemical and biological warfare
agents have been heavily bombed in recent days, according to
Ze'ev Schiff, defense commentator for Israel's Ha'aretz

Despite Washington's reluctance to identify some of the
targets of its daily bombing runs over Afghanistan - such
information has even been withheld from members of the
anti-terrorist coalition - the well-informed defense expert
revealed that U.S. intelligence has "detailed information on
the location of bin Laden's Al Qaida organization camps."

Schiff also reported that U.S. and British air strikes hit
instructional and training bases near the cities of
Jalalabad and Khut, located close to the
Afghanistan-Pakistan border. One of the bases reportedly
attacked was a "small and secret" germ warfare plant that
manufactured various poisons, including biological warfare
agents. Another base attacked, Schiff reported, was a major
manufacturer of explosive materials.

Wrote Schiff, "According to this information it seems that
the American and other intelligence services knew about Al
Qaida's involvement in the chemical and biological warfare
realm prior to the strikes."