Subj: unsubstantiated truth
Date: 11/26/01 8:04:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

The present person claiming to be VP Richard Cheney is a fake.  It could be
a clone.  It could just be an actor but whatever it is not the same man who
we saw at election time.  I offer no proof of this but my own intuition.
The clues however are in his demeanor.  I haven't taken the time to really
pay attention to this but the new cheney has the voice down but not the
mannerisms.  If you think about his exposure before sept 11 in terms of
public perception, it would be easy to pass off a clone after two and a half
months of seclusion.  Most people have no clue what cheney looks like or
even care.  We must not forget that the man's heart was completely fake.
Get a transcript of his 20/20 interview and compare it to earlier footage, I
garuntee there will be a noticeable difference.  Today in response to a
question about Cheyney's need to remain in seclusion, Bush quickly responded
"I had breakfast with him today"  When pushed further by the reporter who
then asked why he was out of the public eye Bush repeated "I had breakfast
with him this morning."  Yet and still no one but Bush had seen him.  I wish
I had the time to really get the details on this and prove it but maybe you
or one of your readers will be able to do the follow up work.