Subj: Chemtrails and violet filaments and HAARP... Rethinking an idea
Date: 12/2/01 6:33:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

I took another look at chemtrail filaments again.  I found a new thread
about fibrils and HARRP below; it should set off people's
intuition-alarms!  There are at least a handful of people who have the
guts to read this stuff all afternoon and study it carefully.  The rest
of the people have to start listening.  They shouldn't have to get
asthma before they start listening.  I think the problem is: most of us
just don't CONTEMPLATE about ANYTHING anymore.  How long will we
continue to lead ZOMBIE lives?  What if this issue was WOMEN voting
instead of chemtrails?  Would the women have just said: 'Oh I guess it's
no use: we might as well let the men vote instead'?  NO WAY!  Here's
what Margaret Mead said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed individuals can change the world; indeed it's the only thing
that ever has."  If people don't want to help change the world, then
they better not complain when it's too late and they see finally
something they don't like.

Hey everyone: Look at google search on 'filaments' and 'haarp'.  Have
you seen every one of these sites?

One non-U.S. angel hair link should always be here:

Interesting thread: violet fibrils sticking to money, our lungs; HAARP:

Interesting: perhaps someone can take a car battery at night, after
heavy chemtrail spraying, and expose the positive terminal to the
fibrils in the air.  Then see if they gather on the battery terminal.
Maybe it'll work if you hook the negative terminal to the earth, and
leave the positive terminal exposed?  Just a thought: someone should do
some testing like this with a 1,000,000 candlepower lantern.

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