NASA involved in Chemtrail coverup?

4/9/02 8:41:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Following the article on about chemtrails over Florida on Easter Sunday, I took a look at some high altitude satellite photos of Florida posted on a NASA sponsored site:  You'd be amazed at what I found.  I've included some samples to illustrate - but all the images I'm talking about can be found at: and
Each of these sites provides about a week's worth of photos of Florida - one per day.                               If you click on the pictures from 3/31/02 and 4/5/02 you'll see clear evidence of chemtrails, only problem is....... the photos that contain the obvious parallel lines typical of chemtrails have been 'modified' in a blatant effort to break up the tell-tale symmetry.
Another giveaway is the heavy jagged edge marks at the sides of each of these altered pictures. These large jagged marks seem to correspond to sections of the image that were slid out of position to break up the symmetry of the chemtrails. And if you look at enough of these photos, you'll notice that these large jagged edges only seem to appear on photos that 1) contain evidence of chemtrails, and 2) show signs of digital tampering. 

You can compare them yourself to other photos in the collection, where the cloud formations are crystal clear, and no sign of digital manipulation is evident. Just pick a couple of photos at random - I have chosen one from 4/5/02 and another from 4/6/02 and the differences are astounding.

In one the clouds are are crystal clear, and in the other well - you can judge for yourself. The pictures where there are signs of chemtrails (like the one from 3/31/02) are a muddled mess.

I guess the big guys up in NASA never thought any of us would look critically at these images.  What I want to know is how high up this chem-trail coverup actually goes?

Date: 4/10/02 10:35:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Well, this has to be a new record for the NASA two-step! The original images are missing, and Jeff Rense no longer has the story on his site. (I looked at the posting this morning, and everything seemed to be normal.) But now I find that I can no longer get to the servers that hosted the original images. In fact, everytime I try to go there I get redirected to this real pretty picture of the "black water" phenomenon over the Florida Gulf.

There is a little more going on here, than meets the eye. The chemtrail project (Rain Dancer) extends very high up into the power structure, which could account for why the pages that I originally obtained the information from have suddenly been replaced with Black Water phenomena in the costal waters off Florida.

Why have the original photos been removed from public view? Hmmmm, very interesting.

Could you please let your readers know that this has happened, so that they will understand why the links are not behaving properly.

EDITOR: Looks like their webmaster been busy: replaced direct links with:

Mysterious Black Water blankets Florida Bay