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It has become universally known that barium salts and aerosol chemical trails are being discharged into the atmosphere by military and civilian aircraft worldwide. Clifford Carnicom, an expert on chemtrails states, "the results of the current research are now sufficient to establish an analytical basis for the formal investigation of radical atmospheric changes induced by relatively recent aircraft aerosol operations." Some know side effects of these chemical trails are increased cases of nose bleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and upper respiratory complaints with flue-like symptoms.

After much research, we at Materia Medica, using some the original formulas of Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, have created a protocol to address the health concerns associated with chemtrails. This protocol has been proven to be highly effective and will address physiological effects in the body caused by the chemtrails of:

Inflammation of bronchi and bronchioles: Various mediators of inflammation are released when substances recognized as foreign by the body, an antigen, stimulates the immune system. Both the mediators of inflammation and the antigen cause damage to the epithelial lining of the airways making them even more sensitive to stimulation and creating a vicious cycle of more inflammation and more hypersensitivity.

Viral Infections: Leading to hypersensitivity of the respiratory tract.

Sinusitis: That lead to post nasal drip, which sets up inflammation in the airways.

Reflux Disease: That constricts the airway muscles due to nervous reflex.

Symptoms and Signs: Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, wheezing and coughing, stomach pains, flue like symptoms, head ache, sensation of light headedness, joint pains and diarrhea.

The Aims of The Chem-Clear Herbal Support Therapy is:

To reduce inflammation by helping to prevent the formation and release of inflammatory mediators and preventing the break down of the body's own anti inflammatory agents.

To stimulate receptors that lead to a degree of broncho-dilation.

To normalize mucus production and viscosity while assisting in expectoration.

To improve digestion to prevent the absorption of large molecules which the body may consider foreign and worsen the allergic component of asthma.

Assist the body in its fight against infection and increase resistance to disease.

Chem-Clear formula:

We at Materia Medica produce only the finest organic tinctures available. These tinctures are produced from certified organic and registered growers. Careful extraction techniques are used to produce and blend our liquid herbal medicines. In the Chem-Clear Tincture you will find only the highest quality herbs available on the market. Our dedication to quality allows you absolute confidence in the efficacy of our products.


Echinacea Rt., Goldenseal Rt., Osha Rt., Lobelia, Licorice Rt., Thyme, Elecampane, Capsicum, Wild Indigo Rt.

4oz.: $15.00

8oz.: $27.50

16oz: $49.00

Best taken with:

Chemtrail Chews: A wonderful chewable tart fruit vitamin;


Echincaea purpurea 46:1…10 mg Freeze-dried extract equivalent to 450 mgs of fresh root.

Echinacea angustafolia …25 mg.

Larix tm…125 mg . Arabinogalactan, a high molecular weight polysacchride extracted from the Western Larch Tree. Equivalent to 3000 mg. of fresh Echinacea Polysaccharide activity.

Vitamin C ( Ascorbic Acid ) …125 mg.

Stevia Rebaudian 10:1….2.25 mg.

In a base of freeze-dried Pineapple and Raspberry fruit juice crystals. 90 tablets $12.95

Grapeseed Combination: A wonderful combination of:

Grapeseed Extract 50 mg.

Bromelian 125 mg.

Quercitin 200 mg.

This blend is helpful as an anti-allergy protocol working with anti-inflamatories, anti-oxidents and digestive agents. 90 caps $15.00

Additional Products for Support

Sinus Season Tea ( Pejuta Wetu ) A blend of lose herb of Ephedra, Goldenrod, Mullein leaf, Sage leaf, Peppermint leaf. 2.5 oz. $5.50

Inhalation Essential Oil Aroma Therapy: A blend of the best Eucalyptus oil from China, Basil oil from France, and Lemongrass oil from Guatamala. This is a powerful combination of essential oil to address Bronchitis, Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Sinusitis . Use as a steam or in the bath at night before going to bed. 10 ml $7.95

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