Hear chord harmonics

At age nineteen I was obsessed to go up into Hughes Canyon on the face of Mt. Olympus which is a prominent mountain in the Wasatch Front east of the valley. I spent three nights alone. On the third night I was pinned to the ground by a pulsating electrical field. I lost time and consciousness.

Understand that this event and the rest that follow are NOT dreams - actually happened in waking consciousness.

On many occasions the pulsating electrical field has hit me usually at night while in bed, but the event always arouses me to full awake.  Recently I have been having fits of bed-shaking like an earthquake, although I can't figure whether the force comes from within or without.

I now intuit this energy field to be a vortex, and the pulsating field has  yanked me through to diverse parallel places and experiences. Likewise, these Stargate experiences, at first regarded ,with panic, have over the years become easier to tolerate . . .

Ironhart4: is there a reason that you set it to 1.616 instead of 1.618??

Phikent: it was late at night--still need to fine tune

Ironhart4: it wasn't intentional then. correct?

Phikent: probably take a long time to tune it perfectly so the harmonics will appear in a cadence

Phikent: no, wasn't intentional

Phikent: another problem is a distortion when played over the internet as opposed to here

Ironhart4: it is really soothing, have it playing in the background now. perhaps with fine tuning it will bring down space ships and Bonny Prince Charley.

Phikent: But it's really weird--the shape of the wav did it's OWN THING

Ironhart4: what do you mean? you didn't know it was going to be a kent mercer sine?

Phikent: I commanded an equal fade in and fade out, based on the mean. It should have appeared symmetrically! AGGH--it took an asymmetrical ratio-shape--like a FISH

Phikent: those arcs in the ancient fish symbol intersect to the golden ratio--know which symbol I mean: Pisces

Ironhart4: have you tried it with different notes? or is the note being played somehow associated with Phi?

Ironhart4: yeah, never thought about it.

Phikent: I used the appropriate tone for PHI as the baseline

then I added a 1.618 beat, literally 1.618 hz, then I trimmed it to 1.618 hms

Phikent: It reminds me off the thumper in Dune

Ironhart4: how did you determine Phi tone?

Phikent: 16000 cycles/sec/ over 16 bit

All I can say is fantastic! Real neat sound. Almost hypnotic, but what  would you expect at alpha phi delta. Your mind must be working at  hyperspeed. Almost another week goes by and you have a new web page and additional contributions. Keep up the good work.

Really getting some strange feedback, effect on humans and animals. Generally tis said that the tone creates an expectation--something coming, like footsteps.

Because the golden ratio is so embedded in the warp and woof, I wonder if signal strength is really that important--I sense some kind of ripple slightly outside the dense world--a message that nature passes along through hypervolume.





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