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Date: 4/5/04 1:25:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

                  Last night listening to Art Bell (radio fading in an
out, got to love Four Corners!), I heard mention
                  that the Atomic Energy Commission recommended that
COLD FUSION should Be reexamined (
                  seems there is merit to the idea , after all)!
Signature of Cold Fusion is an increase in neutrons
                  (10,000's in Cold Fusion versus millons of billions in
Hot Fusion) and radioactive gas Tritium, a
                  rare form of Hydrogen. See any increase in Neutrons

I am not aware of that, but contrary to what most people believe, cold
fusion experiments have been getting run, and getting positive results
ever since the original announcements.  But since this threatens big oil
and other big energy suppliers, anyone that announces them will be
crushed professionally unless they can come up with a workable theory
which supports it.  What is missing is not the positive experiments of
which there are many, but the theory to explain it.

I have a friend that works for a National lab near here. He tells me of
the experiments they run there quite often, and the government IS doing
this research. But due to the way the previous researchers that went
public on this were treated, the experiments, and results are being kept
secret. He told me a couple of weeks ago that if and when they ever come
up with a theory as to why it is happening, they will go public, but
until they can, they will deny the existance of such programs and
experiments.  Since this lab is operating under the DOE (Department of
Energy, what use to be called the AEC or Atomic Energy Commission), I am
sure they are well aware of them. This could then be a prelude such an
announcement. But then again, if the person giving this information on
Art Bell is calling them by a name that has not been used in over a
decade, I don't know.


Date: 4/7/04 5:57:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, an SRI lab blew up and killed one or two scientists back in the early 90's. The lab had a contract with the Electric Power Research Institute (an electric utility research association) to do the research. EPRI cold fusion research went under ground after that. Investigators said the lab blew up because of an accumulation of hydrogen gas inside it.

Note: I suspect that spontaneous human combustion is a form of cold fusion.

Note 2: If you read the majestic 12 papers you see a list of elements supposedly found in a UFO power plant that is very similar to elements left after a cold fusion experiment. I followed cold fusion for several years. Gene Mallove of Infinite Energy is an expert on the status of the research.

Disclaimer: I am not a physical scientist.