Subj: EW: Canadian Press Covers UFO Flap, Consults Ufologists
Date: 2/28/02 11:08:22 PM Pacific Standard Time

The Electric Warrior : Weblog March 1, 2002

Canadian Press Covers UFO Flap, Consults Ufologists


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(The Electric Warrior) - A Canadian newspaper published
eyewitness accounts of an unusual flying craft seen over a
remote fishing village in Ottawa. The Sunday edition of 'The
Ottawa Citizen' also consulted two local Ufologists, one of
them Stanton Friedman, who is known for his investigation of
the alleged UFO cover-up.

Residents of Inkerman all describe a craft having a diamond-
shaped configuration of lights, also remarking that the
strange aerial object made positively no noise. Although the
eyewitnesses have come forward only on condition of anonymity,
other members of the small Canadian community gave candid
accounts of what their friends and relatives say they saw.

Stanton Friedman, who says he's more interested in the famous
crashed saucer case at Roswell, than mysterious lights in the
sky, has been receiving UFO sighting reports out of Ottowa.
According to Friedman, the unidentifiable craft is certainly
not anything conventional.

Also consulted was Winnipeg science writer Chris Rutkowski
who runs Ufology Research of Manitoba. Rutkowski told 'The
Canadian Press' that UFO reports increased 42 per cent last
year in Canada.

Both Friedman and Rutkowski are frequent contributors to Errol
Bruce-Knapp's UFO UpDates mailing list, served out of Toronto
on the Virtually Strange Network.


24-Feb-02 The X-Files come to Inkerman

(The Ottawa Citizen) - There was no way, they thought, that it
was an airplane: it wasn't the right shape and it moved too
slowly...He figured it was only about 15 metres above him. He
couldn't see the body of it in the dark, but the arrangement of
lights made it appear as if it was shaped like a diamond...He
was struck by the silence -- the thing made no noise.

[Stanton Friedman] "It is a good unidentifiable flying object.
Certainly not anything conventional. I can't guarantee that the
drug-runners of the world haven't come up with a new kind of
vehicle, but it's unlikely."

ew» Thanks to Skywatch International for the lead to this item

26-Feb-02 UFO sightings up in Canada

(Canadian Press) - Reports of unidentified flying objects increased
a staggering 42 per cent last year in Canada. "We're not sure (why),"
said researcher Chris Rutkowski, one of the authors of the annual
Canadian survey of UFO reports. "We're thinking that perhaps more
people are seeing something that's really there or perhaps more
people are aware of how or whether they should report things."

05-Dec-01 Virtually Strange Network Site

(UFO UpDates) - The Virtually Strange Network Site Is Open.
John Velez, Glenn Campbell and myself spent a week or two on
it. VSN thanks John for his tasty, clean, execution of the
black & white retro-look, and to Glenn for moving this List's
Archive to the new site.

March 1, 2002
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