Date: 2/17/02 9:57:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, I forwarded the cloud busting link ("Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies!  The Do-It-Yourself Kit for Sky Repair") to  James DeMeo, a dedicated Reichian scientist, to see what he thought. Judging by Mr. DeMeo's credentials,  he may be the world's foremost authority on  cloudbusting. His response was sobering and perhaps deserves to be seen alongside the Cyberspaceorbit link that encourages people to run out and build cloudbusters. In a nutshell, Mr.DeMeo claims emphatically that cloudbusting is not to be attempted by those without proper  training, and that improperly done, can cause  injury to the operator and the local atmosphere. I did have an idea to build my own cloudbuster, but I must say, his article gave me pause. In the interest of public safety, perhaps Mr. Demeo should be heard. Just a cautionary note that might keep someone from making a mistake. Freedom of Information Act


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Do you know if the person who informed you of Dr. De Meo's response to the "chem-trail/cloudbuster group" KNOWS, OR WORKS FOR OR WITH DR. DE MEO? OR has any administrative connection with Dr. De Meo's workplace? need to know. Dr. De Meo's remarks may be viewed as inflamatory/derogatory and possibly be actionable causes, legally speaking, but we HAVE to understand the circumstances, under which your "consternation" has been cultivated in these regards

Just came in an email to me on. Have no idea concerning affiliations. The emailer is no personal acquaintance of mine.

Date: 2/17/02 9:57:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

If the article is that offensive I'll pull it, let me know.

Frankly I wish I had the resources to build a Reich device, or one of my dreams a wave-form generator based on the Golden Ratio--an interesting sine-wave latent in the Fibonacci Series.


EDITOR: So what's the deal here? Could a cloud buster be misused?

1. How does it work. Does the device have a psychotronic element?

2. Could it be in the wrong hands utilized to produce DOR, Deadly Orgone Radiation?

3. Could it if widely implemented mess up the weather? Produce drought?

4. How does the device dispel chemtrails?

Date: 2/19/02 10:34:19 AM Pacific Standard Time

I think that, Anon, was the person who initially sent you information on the cloudbusters. I told him that if he wanted to 'get the word out', then to send an EMail to you.

I don't know, Anon, personally, but i have corresponded with him regarding Cloudbusters and what he calls Holy Hand Grenades. He is very enthusiasic about these inventions, but he admits that he doesn't know how they work. That in itself is a good sign; an indication of his good intentions.

These things are related to the work of Reich regarding Orgone energy. As I have mentioned to you before, I am involved in some alternative energy projects, one of which is related to the Bedini articles that you have linked to. There may be a connection between Orgone energy, over-unity, scalar-wave fields, etc.

One of the problems that has come up with this type of research is serious biological effects in the researchers themselves! Anon is aware of this and has created some devices that may be able to block these effects. This is why I contacted him in the first place.

As I said, I don't know, Anon, personally, but I have corresponded with him and I have a good feeling about his intentions. I was glad to see a link to DeMeo's article on your site, because it is important to have all points of view. I don't know anything about the The Institute for Orgonomic Science.

The questions that you posted on your site are good ones! Another question that I have is that if the cloudbusters attract DOR to convert to the 'good stuff', what is the effect of the DOR as it gathers near the device? In a swimming pool, all the leaves, dead bugs, etc are concentrated in and around the pool intake grate.

...I'll build and send you one of the Holy Hand Grenade (HHG) devices...

Cloudbuster & Orgone Generator: How to disperse Chemtrails

The cloudbuster is something entirely different. The link has a reference to a Yahoo discussion group. I'm in the process of wading through all the messages in that group. I may or may not build one of these, depending on what I find. The HHG seems to work as a personal protection device, but the cloudbuster seems to work as a sort of cannon. I want to be careful with that sort of thing.

EDITOR: As I recall Reich himself screwed up with one of his orgone devices, as I recall he introduced radium into an accumulator box. My memory is vague but as I recall the effect was really wild, an actual visible DOR phantom-cloud spread out over his estate. Folks around the lab went down hard as though the life-force was sapped, and the flora and fauna around the lab mutated, almost like something out of H.P. Lovecraft.

Once I built (out of junk) a scale model of an Ark of the Covenent, taking care to calibrate the proportions to the Golden Ratio, which model I thought I saw in the Torah accounts.

The Ark with its wood-gold layers (copper in mine) seems to be an Orgone accumulator.

I messed around with quartz crystals placed inside.

Sat the thing atop my new Sanyo TV just to admire and danged if my TV circuits didn't fry. Coincidental? Dont know.

Date: 2/19/02 12:30:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

Yes, I heard about that incident with Reich. Must have been what caused the judge to order his papers burned. That in itself is quite a ruling; to order someones research actually BURNED! That's what caught my attention about Reich. He MUST have had some impressive results!

Date: 2/20/02 4:15:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: I've been reading the articles at this site:

This is an especially good explanation of orgone:

This is VERY different from:

Seems like there are very different interpretations of what a Cloudbuster is. Anon is aware of the dangerous type of cloudbuster, refered to as the 'Reich Cloudbuster'. His cloudbuster is not of this design.

It appears to me that the Reich devices are orgone accumulators, and the Anon devices are orgone 'processors' or 'converters'. I'm still in the process of researching this, but it really looks like Anon is on to something here and has indeed done his homework.

Now, here's an interesting thought; Is the great pyramid a great big HHG? If so, maybe it's broken :-)

EDITOR: In '75 had a student build a layered plywood meditation pyramid, with gold leaf applied inside and out.

We'd all sit in and and go, WOW!

These were the days of Pyramid-power, kits and grids. Doc Patrick Flanagan was widely heard-- you know he'd researched nanowaves collecting inside the King's Chamber--he spent the night in Khufu and seemed to touch an interdemensional aspect of himself. Flanagan would deliver lectures and lapse into "another Voice."


Date: 2/20/02 9:21:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

Ah, the good old days!

About that time, I remember watching Chariots of the Gods on television with my father, a quiet, scientific sort of a guy who spent his evenings pouring over old musty chemistry and mathematics textbooks. I was fascinated with the show, especially the part about the Nazca lines. I was sure that UFOs must have visited Earth. Why else would anyone make those lines that could only be seen from the air? My father scoffed, as I knew he would. I got irritated and accused him of being a closed minded stuffy scientist. He really laughed at that.

"What makes you think they didn't have airplanes back then?" He asked me.

I had visions of Flintstone-like airplanes make of sticks and covered with skins, propelled by Incas dressed in loincloths peddling furiously. I couldn't accept that.

"No," he said, "I mean real airplanes, with motors, just like we have now"

I asked him how that could be. Wouldn't we have found them? Wouldn't we have been using them all this time?"

"Not if something happened, something so devastating that we lost track of them. And it might have been so long ago that all traces of those people are long gone. Could have been millions of years."

This was in 1975, even before Sitchen's first book. My dad had figured something out, and he didn't have the internet or Art Bell.

I remember that night as if it were yesterday. Something sort of clicked in my brain back then. Things began to fall into place. You know the feeling, kind of like the movie 'Planet of the Apes' when they showed the half-buried Statue of Liberty.

My dad is long gone, and I've got those same musty textbooks here by my chair. I have lots of others too, Graham Handcock, Castenada, Micheal Newton, Whitley Strieber, Sitchen, and many others.

A house full of textbooks and a garage full of inventions, experiments, and scientific apparatus. I study a vast array of disciplines from mathematics to witchcraft, hoping to find some connections and consistencys, always trying to think out of the box, remembering the look on my father's face when we had the conversation about the Nazca lines.

It has only been in the last six months or so that I think we are getting close; really, really close. I think orgone energy might be the key. Orgone is the one thing I've missed; I never studied psychology so I never encountered it before. The clues are there. Crystals, Pyramids, Free Energy, Ark of the Covenant and its legends and descriptions. The stories of Atlantis; the misuse of crystal related energy. The Vimanas and the 'mercury engines'.

Now we come to your theory of a wave-form generator based on the sine-wave latent in the Fibonacci

Series. You might be right. Remember the web pages on the Lifters? When you pulse the input voltage, you don't need as much. What if the pulse was based on the Fibronacci series?

By God, Kent. I think we're close! Course it could still take another thirty years....