Subj: Bush and Hydrogen
Date: 2/25/02 11:50:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Did Bush also happen to mention that he'll do everything within his illegal
use of power to crush this serious threat to his family and friend's oil
businesses?  How long until he announces something along the lines that;
hydrogen-power supporters are destabilizing the US oil markets and as such
are to be targeted as "eco-terrorists".     Think I'm kidding?  Just look
what "Poppy" Bush & Sons have done to their former business partners for
threatening their oil (and poppy) profits.

For the energy revolution to succeed, it will have to be a quiet,
grassroots revolution that is grossly underestimated, such was the computer
revolution.  Do you really think IBM would have created and then given away
the rights to copy the PC if they had suspected where it would have taken
their profits?  NO!  In fact they are still vainly trying to get that horse
back in the barn.

Better to let the oil-industry and their privately owned and operated
government sleep in hopes they wake up too late, when everyone already has
a couple of home-made hydrogen power-plants on hand.  But also keep in mind
these same globalist, self-interest groups are currently attempting to gain
control of and privatize water rights around the world.   If they succeed,
we'll find ourselves right back in the same old cage, except the air may
end up cleaner....  (depending on the chemtrail spraying).

EDITOR: Maybe I'm getting scrambled in my hearing, but didn't I hear today on MSNBC, ol' Bush say:

"One day we'll be running these cars on hydrogen, and I hope I live to see it."

Date: 2/26/02 6:42:11 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: Don't worry, your hearing is perfect. I just find it highly unlikely that he is sincere, unless he and his oil patch buddies have already managed to gain control of it. I can't see them sinking their own oil-tanker to help the hydrogen revolution come about, based upon their current actions.

In regards to "Poppy" Bush. This announcement pretty much confirms the poppy and false-war conspiracy theories are fact: