Interesting note from gov't Tarot reader "Liberty" 

6/28/02 5:25:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Kent, the last paragraph in this prediction by "Liberty" might actually be what
will happen.  People would never forget senior George Bush cussing and swearing.
It's sad though, even with massive revelations of gov't corruption and cleaning
it up, people will still fail to be loving and compassionate to their neighbors.
I still look forward to 2012, and see if people will listen to themselves talk,
which is part of being a good listener.  We've all got to get in touch with our

June 18, 2002:  

My October 24th, 2001 prophecy about the internet/hacker assassinations and Bush
in legal trouble is COMING TRUE.  The other day there was a violent sudden
incident at a cyber cafe which killed more than ten people.  It will be learned
shortly that information being accessed and transferred there had a direct
relation to 9-11 evidence.  There will be more cyber cafe bombings, fire
accidents and violent assassinations throughout 2002.  Also, I predicted that
Bush would be seen as complicit in the events of 9/11; that has come true.  I
predicted that if Bush was not impeached... that
his fate would be decided in the courts.  I am including here the web address of
where you can read a real San Francisco newspaper article confirming my
prediction, and it's good news.  Better late than not at all.  Bush is being
sued and the noose is tightening.  Read about it at  "Bush Sued by
9-11 Families"
I am one of the Bush Administration Tarot readers.  I go under the code name of
"Liberty".  I will not be able to put up my Bush Tarot website because I am
about to be possibly employed by an influential Democrat, and do not intend to
give Republicans any metaphysical fuel with which to damage Party interests.
However, I will do a brief thumbnail of what my predictions say we should expect
Bush lawsuit will stand.  More families will join lawsuit.  NYFD will join
lawsuit and then the media will open its eyes.  Colin Powell may fake an illness
and drop out of the Administration.  Condoleeza Rice's emotional health is
slipping.  She will be met privately by Oprah Winfrey.  Shortly after that, she
will exit Bush Administration.

Bob Barr vs. Bill Clinton lawsuit will be railroaded on a technicality.  It will
not stand.  People will cry for Clinton to re-assume presidency.  Smiling,
Clinton will remind Americans that this is impossible and urge us to "stand
behind our present leader".  Something small and important is about to be
discovered near Ground Zero.  This discovery will horrify the Bush
Administration and damage the presidency.  Ari Fleischer will be undermined by
rumors of homosexuality.  Bush will fake a sickness, a fall, or a health crisis
of some kind.  It may center around one of his daughters, or around Laura.
Don't believe it.  It is a bid for sympathy.  India and Pakistan situation will
quieten, then worsen.  Even if Bush leaves office, this area has nuclear danger
around it.  An unusual Democrat President is coming.  This person will have
their hands full cleaning up a lot of things.  It may be Ralph Nader.  STRONG
POSSIBILITY of prayer defeating George Bush and his Administration.  The odds
are 6 to 4 that Bush will be impeached.  He is this generation's Nixon.
If Bush gets around this and stays in office, 11 years of hard times for
America.  He will alter a law to remain in office and then his brother Jeb will
become President and continue the family oil agenda.  In this scenario, expect
to carry identification papers, have those papers examined by soldiers wearing
brown or black, and be watched and controlled by dark interests for the rest of
your life.  Children will march to school in uniform.  Minorities will gradually
then with quickening speed be targeted as enemies of the state.  They and
dissenters will be herded up and arrested.  Well-off Americans won't even bat an
eye.  It will be a nightmare for America, then America will break down into
revolution and anarchy, and be invaded by Chinese and other interests.  The
United States will end by 2013 under this scenario. 
If good prevails, Bush will become increasingly isolated as his Administration
and Executive Staff mutiny against him one by one.  The media wakes up after New
York realizes it was tricked.  The media begins to investigate, starting with a
bright young ex-Kennedy journalist based out of either Boston or DC.  I feel
strong New England ties to him.  He is handsome and idealistic.  Behind him,
more reporters start snooping.  The controversy firestorm begins and Bush can't
control it.  In this scenario, I see him, his brother Jeb and his father being
led away for questioning, and I hear his father, George HW Bush, yelling
profanity as cameras click and record his arrest.  The American people will be
shocked at what they hear; this man was once President, and now that he and his
sons are going to prison, his mouth is foul as the gutter.  It will be a scene
children will never forget, and as adults, they will "remember where they were
when" Bush Sr. erupted in cursing, swearing anger on American television.  The matter
ends in the courts and is an almost certain impeachment.  Neil Bush will somehow
narrowly escape suspicion, but he will never be trusted in politics again
because of his name.  There will be unrelated Bushes in politics after that, but
that name will haunt them, and it will be considered "unlucky".  America will
re-examine its past actions and its policy under a new President who either is
female or has many women around him.  The clean-up process and making amends to
the world will take a long, long time.  Not many nations will trust America.
NONE will trust Israel.  Re-gaining the trust of American voters and repairing
their pessimism will take longer.  I hope everyone reading this will pray for
the latter outcome.  God keep you.  "Liberty"