Trying many ways to say this correctly, as you might have seen Kent has been been pretty freaked out, but the truth is, our son, Brian, got busted up in an accident as he was walking the crosswalk to his school. Immediate medical expenses are pressing, surgery for shattered ankle and fractured wrist. Prayers requested. Brian is in good spirits and on the mend. In the long run the money-outlay will probably be covered, but we've had to dole out deposits and expenses pending the long haggle with insurance companies. Dad is thankful he can be at home. We will all be most grateful if you are able at this time to send a gratis-tip for our efforts on ORBIT.

Thanks,  Kent, Wendy and Brian

Guitar and Harp: The Preachin' Blues   Dulcimer: Lark in the Mornin', Irish Jig   Banjo: Lost Farm Lament

In return for your kindness, an original lullaby:

The melody, sort-of, play by ear,not used to 
wrangling with pesky Tinkerbell notes:

Chorus: Mama don't you weep, baby don't you cry
Daddy come to fetch you in the by and by.

Run though the orchard, tumble down the hill
Grampa filling sacks in the flour mill.

Time to take a nap, listen to the clock
Gonna settle into dreams to the ticky-tock.

Hop aboard the saucer, fly to the moon
Dip a piece of cheese with your silvery spoon.

Also an original story, journeys into the Enchanted Lands, TRUE depending on how far the drapes are drawn



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Comment: after a bazillion hours of recent effort, and upon strong and vigorous prompt from Wendy, I open my guitar case and, well, beg. So reach on your pocket, fish-out a few coins and toss em--no-NO not at the screen-- Paypal, PAYPAL!


Kent Steadman, 425 S. 156th Sreet, #119A, Seattle, Wa, 98148


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Howdy, most wonderful and beautiful Patrons, been up working for ye round the clock, taking my share of risk. Tips slow and grub low so I'm puttin out the derby.

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