Date: 3/25/01 8:48:51 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: (Kent Stedman)

Hallo Kent.
Bremerton mystery is not a mystery at all.
US NAVY has in operation VTRPE radar and IR/ visual/ radar satellite detection shielding technology which is more-or less described in USAF's 2025 paper as a future thing. It is directly connected to the global chemtrails spraying effort. I have had the opportunity to monitor this US NAVY technology live during the USS SAIPAN aircraft carrier battle group stay in Rijeka (CROATIA) last November/December. At the occasion, during the single week, I have lost two modems. They got fried by the stray electromagnetic pulses. It was like this:
It is late November 2000, Thursday night, 22:00 CET. Artificial cloud forming a still, continuous ceiling from horizon to horizon (mountains and isles are circumferencing the Kvarner bay on which shore I live) hanging there for last 10 days is at 500-800 m a.s.l. As usual. Horizontal chain thunder, w/o lightings, goes on for some 15 min. As almost every evening/ early night in last 8 days. Now it is some 5-7 km away, over the Kvarner bay, behind my back. I am working on my website for 3-4 hours. 50 m from my house (5 floors) is a 15 story building (we call it a skyscraper here, because our town of Rijeka had a first skyscraper in Europe build in 19th century by a returnee from the US) with radioactive lighting protection device on the top of it's roof. It is not healthy, but it works good.

Our power and communication lines are all installed under the ground. There is no way that my roof/computer can be struck with the lighting. So I work on.

Somewhere above my house (one would say a few hundred meters up) a thunderbolt hits. There is no lighting, so the skyscraper's radioactive lighting rode device was not hit. Let's continue. The cursor does not want to move. It seems that the computer has frozen.

Oh, it must have been because of the thunderbolt's invisible lighting (invisible because it is above the cloud, catching up with the freshly sprayed BaO). It has produced a emp which has induced a spike in the mains (I have no filter), or in the phone line (I have a cable 4 m long going from the computer to the wall socket), so the bits and the bytes got garbled. OK, let's reset. I needed the rest anyway.

System works. OK, let's go on line. My modem is whistling, it is all OK.

Failed to connect. Internet provider should install more modems. Here modem goes on again.

Connection failure. My modem talks but it cannot hear. It is deaf as a pot. If I were it's designer I would have made it with opto-couple on the line in. Americans. How much money, so much music.

Next day a new modem is installed. Old one is given over to the supplier for servicing. Two days later the same story. Four weeks after busted modems were returned as they were. I have tossed them in the trash can.

More about this technology, which has fried the of majority of electronic car locks in Bremerton in a single day can be found on my USS SAIPAN page at:
and following the proposed links around my site.
Unfortunately, USS NASSAU battle group arrives next April in Rijeka. I expect the same story again. This time I have a reserve modem ready. It is rather expensive sport.
All the best.