8/7/2006 5:32:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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on BP's latest:

the only clue i have is their way-too-over-the-top  "green" stance;
their new stations have fittings for future hydrogen and compressed
natural gas--for when gasoline hits $4.00. energy equivilant of cng will
still be about $2.50 and they will be neutralizing bad old methane thats
about to boil up out of the oceans anyway.

link that to al gore movie, suspicious funding of 9/11 "truth" movement.
{as someone with intimate familiarity since 1974 of WTCs structural
problems , im surprised it stayed up UNTIL 9/11}
im very reluctant to put out a hypothesis that might help extreme
neo-nazi republicans.

unless everybody believes global warming  (NSA has believed it since
1981 and i have believed it since 1967)  BP will be at a competitive
disadvantage.  global warming means frigid winters hot summers and huge
energy costs for britain just as north sea oil runs dry.

ergo(?) our loyal and true "allies"  (masters) in mideast, anglo-persian
oil reborn.

possibly no present reason for politicos of any stripe to question BP.

were still the ignorant but viciously effective colonials to them.

at $85 barrel for 30 consecutive days , pre-weakened US economy will sag
permanently to lower state of activity resulting in two tier society
with no middle-just idle rich and enslaved poor. job creation will boom
but you will need 4 jobs and will have to work 32 hours per day to get

we need to sequester iranian oil to de-fund impending shiite caliphate
and domination of europe--france and spain are already just about moslem

i can see brits walking across from their iraq-zone and occupying
khuzistan (which is arab not persian, and sunni/wahabi) under cover of
bloody iraq civil war
leaving them with 80% of iran oil resources- which THEY originally
developed and Lloyds has all the infrastructure blueprints to.

next a company owned by prince charles will invent a car that runs
directly on blood, eliminating the middle man. {bitterest sarcasm}

iran's oil has to be sequestered one way or another.  least costly to
non-combatants is americans , now.

kenneth b thomas